The Motto #StriveForGreatness
  • kingjamesThe Motto #StriveForGreatness

  • kylehornaday_I am your number one fan stay at miami
  • rosaleedcmHi @kingjames, my husband is your fan #1 in Puerto Rico and so am I. My Valentines gift for him? Tickets to see you tomorrow night in Oakland (yes we came from PR to see you)! It would be the best Valentines EVER if you could take a picture with him! Can't imagine! Lets see if it comes true! :)
  • ofcourseimblack@kingjames By far my favorite player all time. Unlike most fans here in cleveland I enjoy seeing your success and watch you grow as a player on and off the court. I doubt you'll ever read my comment but just know you're a true role model and motivator to me and everyday I #StriveForGreatness
  • triplethreat107I wish I could be #6 on my basketball team!
  • levi.farley@kingjames please follow me!! Your such an inspiration to me!!🏀
  • juicebox529Beast of the east
  • charellthomasGreat Wishes That Ever Came TRU#Only4BoysNBA#23J's #6 Dis G!rl HandL!fe Lke#Ball #Hog Dat I"m
  • gfella4life@kingjames 15 to go 🏆 Godspeed #striveforgreatness
  • _oskieeo_Aye it's not over man y'all can still win I believe in y'all boyz let's get it!!!!!
  • richmanoneday@kingjames lebron james..... thank you so much for everything you have done this past 4 years . People take this for granted , you may even your self , but you win some you lose some. What you are giving these fans night in and night out is HISTORY.. We WITNESS human beings like you ever what " 20+" years or so who go out and lead their team whether it's a win or lose. Believe in pat Riley and his business IQ. The Miami Heat need you .. In 7 years with Cleveland you accomplished 2 MVPS and 0 RINGS. In 4 years on Miami you accomplished 2 MVPS and 2 RINGS. I know your all about your ?
  • richmanoneday"Legacy and Mt . Rushmore" so please understand Miami is the place to stay . I know I'm not a family or friend but I'm a HUGE FAN & have watched you since 03'. Please stay lebron .Miami loves you & you will retire with those "7 rings" you want .. it's reachable & you know it is. It's time to separate yourself from all the other greats. Let your 30's begin ; ) go lebron & go heat! I'll see my boys in the finals next year for the 5th straight years all you spurs fans!!!
  • richmanoneday@kingjames
  • josh_milam_Lebron come home we miss you @clecavs @kingjames
  • kylekolodziej#heatnation @kingjames rings rings rings
  • kortmattisonAye
  • _marvin2.3Come back
  • rastaboy_prHey Lebron're my favorite player but it bothers me that you get fouled and you do not give to to respect is the only thing left for you to be unstoppable when you get a foul as today that do not sing albitro gives a good foul to see that these stakes'm from Puerto Rico !!!
  • cale_kumar24Hey lebron when ur allowed to opt out this season think about coming to the lakers
  • nlemaster.2314Hello mr james, i live in Cleveland and have celiac disease. Please answer me back!!! It would mean the world to me.!!!!!
  • a_jasienskiYeah
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