Little early on the decorations I think .
  • derekhoughLittle early on the decorations I think .

  • tvonia_loveYa
  • wyliedog1Agree!!
  • carolina_belle16They needed to wait till after veterans day.
  • z_sparksAs well as the Christmas music! It's already playing here in Long Beach!
  • goinplac3skidNever too early for Christmas decorations remember that derek unless you are in the months of September and all the way back
  • susanamorgadoHere in Portugal Christmas in a few malls arrived at the end off September!!! But as we use to say "Christmas is whenever a men wants, and women lets!" Hehehe
  • sabdes77Way to earlier lets get past Veterans Day and give thanks to our freedom before we start decorating for Christmas. #respect #veterans #ourfallen
  • ceciliaanneIs Thanksgiving over already?
  • karlaluvvv<3 Christmas
  • yegaudiCostco in Edmonton had Christmas decorations up in September. Now that's too early.
  • manigfealdMy favorite time of the year! The decorations are also up all over here too! Can't wait :D
  • girlof2014Yeah, its not even thanksgiving yet
  • sunc1093 weeks away from Thanksgiving...Getting an early start to my favorite holiday, "Christmas"...Gr8 thing! :)))
  • lifeisgood1967Agree...can we plz get thru Halloween first?
  • leele40I agree!
  • marieclairegrafLoL XD
  • thedrunkenhorseLucky you live in a warm climate it's snowing where I live 😁❄⛄💨
  • camphalfbloodolympusWait. They already have decorations at the Grove up?
  • _gisselleruizLol seriously!! Hahaha
  • _.cad3nc3._Lol haha 😃
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