People are so crazy they make illuminati rumors.. Hello people @eyeonglam my site! Get it? Not that deep
  • brittgastineauPeople are so crazy they make illuminati rumors.. Hello people @eyeonglam my site! Get it? Not that deep

  • gthahairstylistYea I guess your right. Kim must not be a part of the ILLUMINATI. The dumb hoe didnt spell it right lol....does she even know HOW TO SPELL without someone writing it for her???
  • gthahairstylistSHUT THE FUCK UP AND SUCK A DICK @nicoleadanis
  • bey_stans@gthahairstylist shut up, I mean even if Kim is stupid, she's been able to become a multi millionaire. And a media icon, and you're here.
  • bey_stans@gthahairstylist and even if you want to talk grammatical issues, you used the wrong "your".
  • nikkilouise_xIlluminati 🔼👹
  • _stephanie_connolly_@alannaconnolly
  • audreyep89Oh ya clearly!!?? If u honestly think that doesn't like illuminati ur an idiot
  • zarethshahar#playingdumb classic
  • zarethshaharThey dont enter illuminati the society. They are puppets to them.
  • zarethshaharShe tags evil eye on everything for a reason
  • jilliancoleenAlthough it is often misconstrued, an eye in a triangle is NOT the illuminati symbol; it is the owl of Minerva. Therefore, this has nothing to even do with it. Educate yourself before y'all become crazy accusers.
  • luv2luvtayWho cares??? Enough of this family already!!
  • shennellekYou are alredy an illuminaty people pfff
  • gloriaraqueltorres@gthahairstylist lolololol!!!!!! HahahaHahaha! !!!!
  • gloriaraqueltorres@itsonlymeb You know what illuminati is were people go and worship the devil and ask the devil to make them famous one day all of the fame and money well not be worth it god send his one and only son to come and for us!
  • _nicolehorn_THEY AREN'T ILLUMINATI!!!!! They are illuminati puppets!!!!! They are played around with and are controlled by the devil because they have signed a contract selling their soul to the devil! With a little help of illuminati and mc ultra( mind control) bam their famous. This is where it all starts HOLLYWOOD. I'm 13 and I have been educating myself by researching this stuff and don't get brainwashed by you fools!! OPEN YOUR FRICKEN EYES and maybe you'll finally see that they have been turning against you and god all they want is fame money and power. God bless everyone. I can't help you any more. You have to be the one to get off of Instagram and twitter and stuff and look it up and finally realized what this organization is doing to you.
  • n.o.saints09Bitch hold the fuck up' I am the antichrist ;) I'll be on top soon
  • calizulyAmen!!! very well said @nicolehorn2000
  • javen_donadoYes thank god im not the only one @nicolehorn2000
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