• formaggiokitchenAfter a painful absence, we are thrilled to report that Ruggles Hill Creamery cheeses are back on the counter! Almost every single monger is taking one of these little beauties home tonight - pictured are Alys' Eclipse, Ada's Honor, Meg's Big Sunshine and Ellie's Cloudy Down - all from nearby Hardwick, MA. Ruggles Hill cheeses get named for the goats who provide the milk - appropriately credited, we think! Tricia Smith is the genius cheesemaker behind these little rounds of delight - her small herd of goats produces exceptional, super-flavorful milk and she is a master of cheese aging - getting those super tight, natural bloomy rinds is no easy feat! Speaking of cheese artistry, Tricia's little discs prompt all sorts of artistic association here on the counter - monger Jess was reminded of Joan Miró's shape-oriented art looking at this picture - while monger Maarit at @formaggiosouthend finds these cheeses make her think of the artist Giorgio Morandi - check out her blog post here: http://wp.me/pFnln-21r #cheese #cheeseart #cheeseartistry #RugglesHillCreamery #TriciaSmith #JoanMiró #GiorgioMorandi #cheeselove #ourfavorites #definitelynofilter #MAcheese

  • formaggiokitchen@ruggleshill
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