Some days you just gotta hug it out! 🐱❤️
  • petsmartSome days you just gotta hug it out! 🐱❤️

  • thatsoundsgood@finebros
  • katiethebrogna@____kb____ it's butch and li!
  • aimeerooCould it be any cuter?! So sweet.
  • sara_cornelius_@robart523
  • robert.corneliusDawwwwwwww
  • ____kb____@katiethebrogna so adorable! And you follow per smart #catlady
  • maria.r_24Cute but seriously kitty witty?!
  • mrs_ship416DO NOT ADOPT ANY DOG FROM PETSMART. They do not take care of their dogs. I adopted an emaciated dog about 3 weeks ago from the adoptions center in the Petsmart at 4380 N Miller Rd in Scottsdale, AZ and I had to put her down due to distemper this past Monday. I have another friend that just adopted TWO dogs from there a week ago and they are sick as well. There is a vet attached to the store! Why are there sick dogs in there? Why aren't they getting the proper medical attention they need?! PETA and the AZ Humane Society have been notified. What are YOU going to do about it, Petsmart?
  • abby.037aw, so adorable
  • tatteredme@Eva_ann_fit you realize you are adopting from a rescue group, not a Pet Smart right? PetSmart allows rescue groups to use space in their stores to find homes for pets. Maybe you should talk to the rescue group that you actually rescued the dogs from. You do understand that the adoption fees and everything went to the rescue group not to PetSmart right? Maybe before belittling a company that saves millions of pets life you could do some research
  • isabbbbellaWhy don't get a dog from pet smart eva-ann-fit
  • isabbbbellaOk u are just acting a little mean !!!to petsmart
  • bat_man__boySOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!
  • jou_landah23@popmusicjj aww !!! Sleeping tight @miu_miu_chen
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