• geneluIt was the hottest day of 2013. @rsttm, @jbchan and I decided to run the House Stark sigil, which zig-zagged its way across Queens, NY. We started early to avoid the heat, but around 11am, it was already hovering around 90°F. I'm not sure what got us to the end. Maybe it was the several water stops we took? Maybe it was when we saw that we made it into the Daily News (print!) during a water stop? Or maybe it was when we met the owner of the cemetery, which we ran through, that read about us earlier that morning in the newspaper and was ecstatic to greet us? Questions aside, the conditions that we had to run in and the fact that we weren't doing long distance runs before this makes this #tbt worthy. You can read more about it here: http://bit.ly/Stark-RoT. #runofthrones #gameofthrones #got #nerdrun #nikeplus

  • genelu@gameofthrones
  • sedenton_coxThis it one of the most impressive things I've ever seen. Well done sir! #GoT #win
  • ufangie01Wow!!!
  • genelu@sedenton Thanks! You should also check out runofthrones.com for more routes we did. Hopefully there's a route in your city you could run. :)
  • skylark64Great #tbt! Totally copying you right now.
  • genelu@skylark64 Thanks man! There's a Targaryen route over in Portland that starts off close to the Nike campus. We were fortunate enough to run it with some of the folks from Nike. Get the turn-by-turn directions here: http://bit.ly/dragon-pdx.
  • genelu@cantoncanine I have yet to see you guys walk a direwolf. Just saying. :)
  • skylark64Right on. That's my new hood! I'll have to hit that soon.
  • genelu@skylark64 if you do hit it up, the head of the dragon gets a little tricky. You might have to switch your Nike+ Running app to map view just to make sure you're running it correctly. There's a path that's not THAT obvious to follow around that area. Good luck!
  • skylark64Nice. Thanks!
  • hellojannydesignWicked cool!
  • genelu@tiramisushi ha! Maybe after thanksgiving? @hellojannydesign thanks!
  • genelu@tiramisushi exactly! 👑
  • run_bruce_runWolf face run
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