Bonnaroo 2004: Another Tent, another time... #tbt #bonnaroo #goodstuff
  • bonnarooBonnaroo 2004: Another Tent, another time... #tbt #bonnaroo #goodstuff

  • jaredburkI am not here to start anything, only love, and I doubt Bonnaroo would go for Kanye because of what he did, but I saw his show this past Saturday, and it was incredible. I haven't seen anything like it before. I laughed, danced, was inspired, and cried-- and that to me makes a great headliner. But really, please get Outkast.
  • cuzmamaOr an old tent?? @calleypal says 2004
  • jeffschwabBring this tent back! The more the merrier!
  • jorgeazze@jaredburk you just got me so excited for his miami show. And I agree, please get Outkast.
  • ind3liblemusicForgive Kanye 2014
  • calabamanightsradiate positivity and forgive kanye
  • calabamanightsalso, I feel like outkast will be on the lineup. they're playing coachella "and a few other festivals," and i can't imagine bonnaroo wouldn't be one of them with it being in the south and as big as it is
  • calleypalOhhhh hahahahaha wow I'm and idiot @cuzmama
  • realzachnethery@hales601 Do you remember this tent?
  • swilkie_#FuckKanye #RadiatePositivity
  • sonofabeek@yamieyone that is false
  • ecrabb311Outkast outkast outkast! Eminem, a tribe called quest, Rakim, some legends of hip hop!! @bonnaroo
  • drteflonronFuck Kanye. He is not a great musician. But on another note... BONNAROO!!!
  • blossomalvesHey! @beazye Thanks for all the love:) you look like a pretty chill chick!!😉 If I ever make it down SoFlo way, we should hang☺
  • prettyypeachesBonnaroo means forgiveness, and I think we've forgiven Kanye. But not enough to invite him back. Fool us once, Kanye. Shame on you. Fool us twice? Pretend you care about 'roo then let the fans down? No way. Peace and love. Besides, let's not be selfish now fellow roovians. North needs him more than we do :)
  • brooks_563Yea......fuck Kanye
  • the_dim_moc@audio129 nice!
  • ericwalczykPeace and love. He says that with peace and love. Fuck Kanye, peace and love.
  • beazyeHell yeah that would be sweet! Back at ya, you look like a happy person @blossomalves 👍 Maybe I'll see you on the farm next year 😁✌
  • bstommieWow!
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