Holmes has recorded 604yds & 7TDs all-time vs. BAL
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    Holmes has recorded 604yds & 7TDs all-time vs. BAL

  • king_tut00^
  • angieri34I agree @danieljaredphotography
  • seanshep13Sanchez also had a better offense around him, and a better defense on the other side of the ball and see how Sanchez has declined? Now imagine those afc championship teams around Geno? He makes better decisions and is a lot better outside of the pocket, which is a big weakness of Sanchez and that same weakness is what lost us the game against the Steelers, in my mind Geno wins that game because Sanchez single handedly lost that one not seeing the pressure coming he gets hit and fumbles, Geno takes that same situation (that I've seen numerous times this season) he takes off out of the pocket and takes it for a gain or gets more time to pass, plus as soon as Geno loses us as many games as Sanchez did then talk like that
  • danieljaredphotographyGotta give geno a chance, if any rookie needs to be benched it's milliner he's killing us but so is cro so whatevs. But geno has skill man listen to how the real players talk about him. Nothing gets to him, he stands in the pocket and takes hits. Also let's be honest I like our receivers because I'm a jets fan but they are not scary to anyone in reality. Wait till next year when that money comes in . And they have another year in that system, Marty knows how to get the ball down the field
  • mr_boatshoes@tommy_2_toes get the fuck outta here dumbass
  • mclovin.25I know right @mr_boatshoes
  • baseballisthebestsport23@davidwithlessmath yo the gets don't even have cotchery or Keller anymore! Holmes has been hurt and now he's back. You knew that though. And we don't even use Braylon cuz he "sucks." Well fuck Rex cuz who else do we have? Hill, hurt, Holmes isn't the same, they don't use Winslow, Kerley is hurt. All we have is Nelson Greg salas and Cumberland. No offense but they suck and we need a new set a wide outs next year from the draft.
  • doctorgreg420@jmitrano11 the jets dont even have braylon Edwards get your facts straight
  • doctorgreg420@jmitrano11 excuse me your shitty opinions
  • baseballisthebestsport23Haha actually they do he just doesn't play, he is on the roster
  • baseballisthebestsport23@doctorgreg420
  • doctorgreg420@jmitrano11 I don't want to fight with a fellow Jets fan but why don't you look at the Jets official roster and Wikipedia
  • doctorgreg420@jmitrano11 Braylon Edwards Wikipedia*
  • baseballisthebestsport23Ok well maybe he isn't but I usually know what I'm talking about. I have score center and nfl mobile and I love the game and my team. But last time I looked it up (2 weeks ago) it said he was. But I didn't believe it either so I'm probebly wrong @doctorgreg420
  • baseballisthebestsport23Yeah I agree @doctorgreg420
  • bryanbr0n@bigsextcy711 do you realize that Geno has the most turnovers in the league! Plenty of Rookies in the last few years have played twice as good as him without a good run game or defense.. He's Sanchez all over again
  • travis.longGeno is a great player and a very nice person u should be grateful that we have a QB better than sanchez
  • shandimagesNo love for Tone @nyjets wish he were on the trash heap. JETS should have cut him 2 years ago after that Miami game.
  • kingluisjrHomes all day
  • parkervincent15Sanchez is good!!
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