Ever had @jamiethomas put together your board?!? These guys have! Thanks @zeroskateboards #coldwarishere
  • zumiezEver had @jamiethomas put together your board?!? These guys have! Thanks @zeroskateboards #coldwarishere

  • calvrt8Thanks for some sick prizes tonight cold war was tiight
  • __hacked_deleted_account__@kidbrittni can I have a free planb board please?
  • nicthelionDidn't know how, until I started working for this dope ass company named #Zumiez
  • jaythundersWhat an honor!! @zumiez @jamiethomas @photoforeman
  • p0wfamOh yeahhh... Look at dat Blackhawks shirt!
  • zumiezThanks @ichrisbee
  • mattp214Really jamie,
  • mattp214Your the one who preached for years about supporting pure skateboarding? Now at zumiez and they are using it To make them legit? Wow the end is here!
  • heyitsjefff@mattpindroh_214 looks like pure skateboarding to me! Couple kids talking skate with a legend, what's more pure than that?
  • whltepantherThats sick.. Lol at the haters
  • mattp214Hey @heyitsjefff you make it sound simple and it is. Good for those kids, change is always happening and i really dont care or hate, but when you see a pig you are allowed to call it a pig!
  • actlsize_r53@mattpindroh_214 don't be such an elitist bastard. If some mainstream ass company is getting more kids into a fucking awesome sport we all love, and getting them to meet to rad ass dudes like Jamie, then what's the issue? I think you got credit carded too many times as a youngin. Better get those wood chips outta your ass.
  • bonsai_wolfYeah @heyitsjefff @mattpindroh_214 it's crazy to think how much Zumiez has done for skateboarding over the last 30+ years, Especially guys like Jamie! Without Companies like Zumiez, skating wouldn't be what it is today. Corporate or not, they get skateboards in the hands of people that never had the chance! Without major companies and corporations dedicated to putting money towards the sport Jamie wouldn't be able to focus on developing as a skater and teaching the world what new limits can be defined.. Look at RedBull and all they have done for athletes. So If you hate Zumiez, just because they are corporate.. Let's face it, you hate Skateboarding.
  • jamiethomas@mattpindroh_214 I support those who support skateboarding!! That's what I preach!! Plain and simple!! FTW
  • abrooksartPeep my page for art I wanna get some in your stores!!!!!!!! Buddy here in WV is manager.
  • abrooksartCheeeaaaaappppp art
  • zumiez@mattpindroh_214 that's pretty awesome for Jamie to jump in. We've been supporting skateboarding and pushing the growth of it for over 35 years. We will keep pushing it as long as we can. Jamie has done more for skateboarding progression than all but a handful of people ever. Right there in that picture with him are 2 guys who had a personal experience that they'll never forget because of him, and in 5 years when they're still pushing and have taught new kids how to skate, Jamie will be right there in that memory. Shame for that call out.
  • missallysunThat experience made that kid's day!!! @jamiethomas chose to jump behind the skate case and have some fun. That's giving back and sharing culture! Thank u again @zero and @zumiez for this event in San Diego.
  • myniggasebastian209@juliocr25
  • eastclitwood666My favorite part of the day working at 399(gq0503)
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