Two blank canvases. What to create? @converse #chucks
  • journeysshoesTwo blank canvases. What to create? @converse #chucks

  • sethgamesStars
  • xemochorizoburritoxDoctor Who shoes.
  • emily_nhekBatman
  • naomimenendezLabeled constellations
  • ashleymiaa_^^^^^^^^^
  • gnuoyydocDon't buy from, they fucked my order up twice and they do it to everybody from what i've looked up. Journey's the store on the other hand is a different story, they're the best, of course bcus it's "in store" & u see everything they have first-hand. & Solestruck are good sites for shoes though!
  • onlydollface^ burnskies ohh @codyofberkeleysprings
  • journeysshoes@codyofberkeleysprings we are so sorry you had a negative experience shopping with us online! Have you emailed us this story? We would love to make things right between us -
  • gnuoyydoc@journeysshoes yes & i actually talked to a supervisor. My last order i made w/u guys i got the right shoe box, but the wrong shoes, i was told they were going to send me the ones i actually ordered & was told that they had shipped out, but i came to find out that i had been refunded and never even knew about it till I contacted a supervisor. I got treated poorly by customer service & was lied to the whole time, then was told there was nothing anybody could do about it, so of course i'm going to be pissed off... I really wanted those shoes & the site they were "in stock" & it still says that which is ridiculous to me. It's nothing on Journeys as a whole, just the warehouse must really suck lol.
  • journeysshoes@codyofberkeleysprings so sorry that happened to you. please email us - - and we will connect you with the VP of Cust Serv and his immediate team. We want your voice to be heard!
  • layla._.03I got zebra sperrys and heck I LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE them! My mom loves them to. I get an outfit ready for school and she says do u want to where ur sperrys? But sometimes I say no but I like/LOVE them!!!!!! @journeysshoes
  • journeysshoes@ca_dancer_123 thanks for sharing your story!!!
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