Still just as beautiful. @thekatvond look who left the house today :) happy birthday Mammie 💋
  • mileycyrusStill just as beautiful. @thekatvond look who left the house today :) happy birthday Mammie 💋

  • _cyrusbieber_Aww❤️
  • sirjulianrussYour mom probably hates some things u do and say
  • reallygayusernameEverybody needs to shut. The. Fuck. Up. Seriously. I dont usually get pissed off at this shit but 'old miley' is not coming back. You need to face that fact. Fucking seriously. 'Poor granny?' Seriously?! Cant miley live her life without everyone harassing her about the 'old her' or why shes so weird. Tbh I fucking love miley. Shes my idol. Every time someone asks me why I like her now. I say "because shes herself" if you twats have a problem with someone being themselves. Fuck you :3
  • reallygayusernameYou and your grandma are beautiful baby :) ♡
  • x__laugh_live_love__xAw
  • kattepusemilie❤️❤️❤️❤️awww
  • anahirivera09Lo mejor que tenemos .. Las abuelas @mileycyrus
  • vit0liveiraQUEEEEEEENS @mileycyrus
  • esmaerdolOuuu
  • esmaerdol:)
  • esmaerdolLove youuuu
  • martina.punk❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • martina.punkIT ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • lulli769Miley I know that maybe you don't care about all your fans because many of them are stalkers. But I'd love your friendship, even if you do not care about me and you don't know me, i think that there's a strong connection between us. Don't think that i'm crazy 👽i just want to know you 😽
  • contemporaryme23Cute!
  • briannakhalifa_Damn sick ass invite
  • sultan_maideok
  • leonellapmTe amo
  • gedanken.girl@lisa1.12 miley 😍😍
  • davidefornerisLove💙💙💙 @mileycyrus
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