ANNOUNCEMENT TIME! The title of my new single is "HOLD ON", produced by Ryan Tedder of One Republic! More details coming soon!

#colbiecaillat #onerepublic #ryantedder
  • colbiecaillatANNOUNCEMENT TIME! The title of my new single is "HOLD ON", produced by Ryan Tedder of One Republic! More details coming soon!

    #colbiecaillat #onerepublic #ryantedder

  • callaghanbelle@colbiecaillat yay! 💖🌻
  • larimarleyYaaaaay \o/ can't wait to hear Colbie ! I'm sure is going to be amazing
  • sayanorieCan't wait! Can't wait!
  • khalid_samColbie♥♥♥ .. Welcome to Instagram Finally :D
  • ligiadagostinoI love your music. Gracias por compartir tu magnifico talento con nosotros. Saludos desde Venezuela @colbiecaillat
  • guohao0502Great cooperation!!!
  • therealmaryzhdCANT WAIT ^_^
  • katiebarrett1976Wow! Sounds amazing!!
  • nessmonster83Two amazing people!
  • _paolaquezadaI LOVE YOU
  • sydneybrown12hi! I'm such a huge fan of your music!! Xo
  • sscarantinoColbie Caillat I have so much things so say about you. But I love you pretty much some's up all of it I will dm you later on and try to talk to you but if you could do something that shows me that you've noticed me like, like one of my picture dm me respond back to this comment my whole world would go crazy well I hope you have an amazing rest of the day I love you Colbie❤️😘☺️
  • surfsavy10🍷🍇🍷🍇🍷🍇🍷🍇🍷🍇🍷🍇🍷Dear Colbie,💐🎸
    Before you think this is another "cheesy" fan letter you are wrong I'm here to tell you my story the reason why I admire you so much,how you have inspired me, and how you saved my life. But let me introduce myself
    My name is Savannah I'm 16 years old and I live in California🍷🍇 the town where your performing on July 19th,2014 I'm a sophomore who adores your music from your beautiful soprano voice to the meaning of your songs that I can relate to sooooo much. I have grown up listening to your music ever since
  • surfsavy10I was about 11 I feel involve with your voice instantly when I heard you on the radio of the backseat of my moms car. I have been a lot these past years my parents are divorced and that has put me into some serious situations I have been suicidal for the past 1 1/2 years. How am I still here you may think..? Because of you! Your music lightens my soul and reminds me of the great things life has to offer and my many talents I am gifted with. My passion for guitar and photography, my schools fastest 800 meter runner, my skills for on the volleyball and basketball court or off the diving board in the swim lanes. You help me live my life from all the stress,depression,and hatred my life is in. When I hear you everything that is going on in my life is forgotten and all of my focus goes to you. My father has abandoned me and my sister for his another woman my dad cheated on my mom for 5 years long today with 2 kids reliving his life while he forgets us. The strum of my
  • surfsavy10guitar relaxes and brings peace to my ears when I play your songs it helps me breathe properly and live alittle taking me farther from the plan I have that day to kill myself. Everyday I put on a fake smile and no one is aware of my depression at school or at home.
    I used to be made fun of being fat at school and bullied everyday making me become anorexic and bulimic for 6 months. I've changed a lot ever since then emotionally and physically now everyone at school thinks I'm just that tall,rich girl who has a perfect life in reality I don't. I suffered being abused by my dad as a child and being abandoned dosnt help me at all. I had been through the sickness of pneumonia almost becoming dead because my father left me in a room to take care of myself while my mother was in New York with no care treating myself until I received immediate care once my mother returned home being hospitalized. My father was a huge part of me even though he had done horrible things to me he was apart of me my soul was connected to his. I live everyday getting better a tiny bit away from my suicide attempts from my private councilor, my church, and you.
    Thank you for saving me Colbie Caillat I wish my dream comes true and I will meet you someday I hope I do at Robert Mondovi when you perform
    You are my hero.
    Till then,
    Savannah 💫 🍷🍇🍷🍇🍷🍇🍷🍇🍷🍇🍷🍇🍷🍇🍷☺️
  • michele_t7725@colbiecaillat you are so beautiful, and such an inspiration. I thank God for blessing people like yourself with such an angelic voice. ✌💙👍
  • karen_ai_kI am always cheered up by your singing voice✨Thank you=ありがとうPlease come to Japan sometime...😂😂😂
  • emilyne1sonI recently saw you perform at we day! you touched me and it made me cry! I just want to thank you for making this we day 2015 awesome! I hope you respond to this cause you would make my day. I love you so much keep doing what ur doing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • jaque1313Linda*.*
  • elisabethbbutleraw omg the feels! this was from around 2012?!
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