Lucía Fernández Muñiz (@luciafernandezmuniz) of Madrid, Spain, brings the magic and personality of cinema to a still frame in her portraiture. “Since I was a toddler, I have always had an obsession with films, actors, music and musicians," she says. Lucía uses her “sweet minimal” style—rich with emotion, color, sensuality and, of course, red lipstick!—to visually evoke the personality of her subjects. “It is amazing what you can reveal from a person when they are in front of a camera. People tell stories with my imagery, and quite often, the stories that inspire me are based on my dreams.” Want to create a portrait with the energy and pop of Lucía’s work? For Lucía, it’s all about the atmosphere you create: “Give your subject a relaxing and free environment so they can be as natural as possible. I make them laugh, jump, dance… all different kinds of things until they feel comfortable.” To see more, be sure to follow @luciafernandezmuniz
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