• sacramentokingsThroughout the season, Kings.com will highlight tales of Cap City City Kingdom members' Sacramento Kings fandom.Today, the series begins with lifelong Kings fan @kfippin.

    #MyKingsJourney: My dad took me to see my first Kings game in 1985 when I was just 5 years old. I still remember, quite vividly, thinking I had never heard a louder sound in my life. Watching the noise meter rise all the way to the top of the board to reveal "flames" became a game within a game for me. I've been hooked ever since. Being a part of this fanbase really is like being a part of a huge family. Win or lose, this team BELONGS to us. From 1985 to forever.

    Share your Kings story throughout the 2013-14 season & include #MyKingsJourney.
  • rrrussellmaniaThe flame scoreboard!
  • makingsacdeliciousableThat flame scoreboard was so cool when I was younger . Good story
  • chief916I need to submit my journey :)
  • drr1998My 5 yr old once told me to make the flames go up! @bunnykins_mcprecious
  • alswicPretty cool, kfipp! @kfippin
  • alejandroreyes@kfippin is the man!
  • songsaboutjaciLove this, keep it up @sacramentokings
  • kfippin@alswic @alejandroreyes Thanks guys!!
  • th3purpl3on3Gotta get my gear ready for the game on the 15th! I'm gonna be there...
  • danger19Nice!
  • joepolivkaThe noise meter was at old Arco? I didn't realize until new Arco obviously
  • whatsmccrackenThis is pretty sweet, look at @kfippin
  • cooki34523Im a fan from Puerto Rico
  • collins_miguelsuerte hoy en el juego; vamos greivis
  • jhansen06They need to bring the flames back. The new screen at the arena blocks the sound meter... Therefore no flames! This new kings era would have the flames shooting constantly
  • miamastrov#mykingsjourney
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