#LoveConquersHate http://LoveConquersHate.org
  • theperezhilton#LoveConquersHate http://LoveConquersHate.org

  • sam_nev@kepeach you must miss how he still publicly attacks people he's not cool with. You know, because they must not have feelings or anything. Or Perez doesn't, by the way he's acting. Trust me I was a huge fan when he stuck to who he was, even before he apologized for being a Dick. Like I said it's just hypocrisy I wish he would practice what he preaches.
  • stevendalzielYou are such a hypocrite!! U give hate and shade to gaga everyday u swine!
  • volinaproductionRUSSIA LOVE U
  • mg42000Britney Jean has broken ArtPop's preorder record!
  • originalkittenI have to agree with everyone about you being a hypocrit. If you are going to be an advocate for a love conquering hate campaign then it would be an oxymoron to keep your gossip website open because all that does is promote hatred and bullying and name calling. It basically advocates bullying if you're not up to the standards of others. Imagine what your son is going to think when he sees that Daddy has been publicly bullying people for years and that's where the money for all his toys come from. It's heartbreaking to think of his bubble bursting. Grow the hell up Perez and change your website into something more beneficial. Kind regards :)
  • wearethefurlerIt's called business! Do you think people would buy a magazine saying: "LADY GAGA LOOKING DARLING IN A MEAT DRESS! " or "KIM AND KANYE SEPARATED AWWWEEEE *MOMENT OF SILENCE AND PRAYERS. ..." no. I agree what hes doing is wrong but he needs to find that out on his own @wicked_dopeness @originalkitten @stevendalziel
  • kimberlyjoylynnLove you @perezhilton keep doing what you're doing! You are making your son proud! The changes you have made are recognized by some of us! ✌️#LoveConquersHate http://LoveConquersHate.org
  • itwasonly_akiss@perezhilton do you admit to being a schadenfreude?
  • armroosterHow are you so tan when living in this cold NYC weather...Tell me your secret....
  • tphirLiking feud
  • jonathanjosephledee@perezhilton could we get you to participate in a national marriage equality campaign photo shoot, here in #nyc?
  • motelskySays the prick
  • babyimbadnewslol seems kind of ironic since you breed hate with your website. Interesting..
  • shancbamSwine
  • riahkellyYou're the most hateful person... What a hypocrite.
  • keshasglitteryanimalsThink you need a hair wash honey
  • keshasglitteryanimalsDisrespectful a$$hole
  • keshasglitteryanimalsBig head
  • kaleyniicoleBig ass head bro.
  • mirandasaurusflexUm, I love this. You are too adorable. Screw these rude commenting people. #NoH8 #perezrocks @perezhilton
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