The #ingnycm winners' autographs
  • nycmarathonThe #ingnycm winners' autographs

  • shoecandy#tutugirls @mecrofton @shoecandy had a blast all 26.2
  • marath0nerNew York Times' refusal to include finish times above 4:45 range is annual embarrassment. I ran Paris Marathon last year and my time of 5:38 was included in the paper there. So cost of column space for a rich paper is no excuse. Why does NYRR never press on this matter? I feel left out and feel NYRR doesn't care on that one.
  • dinamaxnyWow. Lots of us finished after 4:45. The last finisher was in at 10:30 p.m! That person matters too!
  • mgreenhansen@hannahrobertagh woohoo Han. 4.45 to get in NY Times
  • hannahrobertagh@mgreenhansen Thanks for the heads up... Need to get one. Xx
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