Mondays are ruff. (photo credit: @erindeasley)
  • petsmartMondays are ruff. (photo credit: @erindeasley)

  • thathaileegirl😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank you @petsmart for making my morning! Now I have #puppyfever again.
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  • vilmaportillo@agonzalez87 😍 I wish we could have
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  • maria.r_24I agree that Mondays are ruff
  • maria.r_24That is just so adorable!!!!!
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  • celine.cxSo true 😁😩 that's cute..!!!!!!!
  • vancouverpetsSo cute!! We love pets!!
  • eva_416DO NOT ADOPT ANY DOG FROM PETSMART. They do not take care of their dogs. I adopted an emaciated dog about 3 weeks ago from the adoptions center in the Petsmart at 4380 N Miller Rd in Scottsdale, AZ and I had to put her down due to distemper this past Monday. I have another friend that just adopted TWO dogs from there a week ago and they are sick as well. There is a vet attached to the store! Why are there sick dogs in there? Why aren't they getting the proper medical attention they need?! PETA and the AZ Humane Society have been notified. What are YOU going to do about it, Petsmart?
  • leahbrach@eva_ann_fit you really shouldn't bash @petsmart for doing their part in promoting rescue animals. They may not be perfect & should probably pay better attention to the animals in their stores (and I am truly sorry about your pup), but they do not run these rescues or own these pets. They simply provide the space for the rescues to do adoption events & sometimes temporary housing. Some of the rescues are not the best, but some are. I found my rescue dog at an adoption event at a petsmart & she has been healthy and wonderful from day one. I certainly advocate keeping all animals safe, but you should point your finger at the real culprits, the irresponsible rescue groups.
  • eva_416@leahbrach I understand that. I have a rescue dog from an adoption event in petsmart and she is perfect. That's not what I'm talking about though. This petsmart has an "everyday adoption center" it's a shelter inside petsmart. These animals live in the petsmart until they're adopted. I am not jumping to conclusions and pointing my finger at petsmart. This was seriously researched and such a mess of a situation. Either way though, rescue group or not, why would petsmart allow fatally sick dogs in their stores? Customers bring their dogs in, they all sniff each other and whatever. Now, because of the dog I rescued and had to put down, there are hundreds of dogs that petsmart is adopting out that have distemper that unfortunately need to be put down.
  • leahbrach@eva_ann_fit I have never seen a permanent adoption facility in a petsmart. All of the programs I have worked with had the pets partially homed at petsmart and fostered the rest of the time (and only cats, dogs were always only brought in for adoption events). I apologize if I misunderstood your situation! It is very, very sad that your pup and others had to be put down. Clearly, petsmart has responsibility for these pets whether they "own" them or not and I agree that using banfield vets to check each rescue animal could only help (and really wouldn't cost much, but could even be paid for by the donations taken at the registers). I just hope that expecting more from petsmart and increasing their feeling of liability does not make them rethink their part in rescuing animals. At the end of the day, even though they are clearly not perfect, at least they have vowed to never sell dogs and cats. There are other stores (petland is the absolute worst) that sell puppies, ALL from horrible puppy mills and most are very sick too. I personally feel that is a much larger issue, but I can see where you are coming from as you have been personally affected.
  • eva_416@leahbrach I completely agree with everything you said. Puppy mills are obviously a much bigger and serious issue but I can't just not doing anything about these sick babies blocks away from my house.
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