Anyone know what this is? They're all over the beach here, and we can't figure them out.
  • tshoxenreiderAnyone know what this is? They're all over the beach here, and we can't figure them out.

  • louisagblog@tshoxenreider looks like a Sydney rock oyster shell, but I'm picking it might be a little too far away for that?
  • _angelamills_Looks like boots to me
  • tshoxenreider@mrsnotable it's squishy, like a jellyfish body but no tentacles.
  • theburlapbagYea my vote goes for some Wellies
  • tshoxenreider@homegrown_mom right you are. Silly me.
  • babystephBaby jellyfish!
  • greeblehausYeah, some sort of jelly. In Maryland they were sea nettles, kind of looked like that but with tenticles attached.
  • all5jonesesHard to tell from the picture but my guess is sail jellies.
  • jennymariepetersonLooks like a muscle.
  • all5jonesesI take it back...not likely a sail jelly. But maybe another type of jelly? I'm familiar with California coast critters. Please let us dorky "gotta know" types what it is. 😉
  • tshoxenreiderThanks all! I think it might indeed be a sail jelly. Either no tentacles, or so small we couldn't see them. You're all amazing.
  • amyvandykeYou're in Florence? I was visiting my family there yesterday and would have had a fan-girl freak out moment if I ran into you! Where did you eat??
  • tshoxenreider@amyvandyke we were just driving through on our way back to Eugene after spending a weekend in Newport. 😊 But if you ever see me, you have to come up and say hi!
  • jessicaphoffman@homegrown_mom lol! I thought it might be a jelly fish .... I feel so smart
  • theeclecticwomanNeat!! We saw jellies like that in Galveston often, but they were blue.
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