What a pleasant surprise of a movie! I thought I was going to see a romantic comedy, but #AboutTime is so much more than that! It's also a deeply moving film about family and life. And how to cherish all to the max! How to have a romance with your life! And it's also got a bit of #SciFi!!! Something for everyone! #RichardCurtis is one of my favorite auteurs! He is the writer/director of #LoveActually and #FourWeddingsAndAFuneral! And he has once again created a film that is an instant classic! #RachelMcAdams is playing the same role she always does. Quite well. And #DomnhnallGleeson was a bit too young to play her love interest, but he was SO DAMN CHARMING that you get over that quickly. #BillNighy is a god! And, yes, I cried! And laughed! And smiled! And sang along! And left the theater feeling so happy and positive and... #hopeful!
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