• tshoxenreiderIf you get two double beds on your 11th anniversary getaway, you squeeze the two beds together to make one giant, super-sized king bed. Would this be an "Alaska king" bed? Either way - ain't no shame in this game.

  • aedrielWhat a gorgeous area!!
  • jess.howHa! This is what we need... With the 6'4'' guy + newborn + me + 9 pillows. The regular King ain't hackin' it!
  • jess.howPS HAPPY anniversary!
  • kddenfeldRight.in.the.middle
  • shanell785Happy Anniversary!! 💙💗
  • frugalgranolaHilarious! We have a double at home, and when we went on vacation for our 10th last year, we felt "lost" with a King bed! :) Congrats! Our 11th is next month. I will be working on my grad school ap, so I don't anticipate any getaway this year... Your location of choice looks gorgeous! :)
  • leigh.dusekOur 11th anniversary is tomorrow. I wish we were getting away but a cozy night at home it is. Have fun!
  • se7en_hoodsCongrats!!! Ha ha, we live like that... The only way to survive with a pile of kids!!!
  • modmiaHappy anniversary!
  • crdodgeonThat's the size bed I'm after! Happy Anniversary; we had our tenth this year :)
  • victoriapericonhappy anniversary!!!
  • amanda_baconbitsHaha, as an Alaskan, I'd say that is very much an Alaska king size bed! Brilliant.
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