The boss stopped by the office today!
  • shadyrecordsThe boss stopped by the office today!

  • esmeraldasauceThe boss how cute 😭
  • miss_yazees😍😍😍😍I think I'm in love
  • smooth_criminal_bloodstainsEMINEM THE BEST MAN ALIVE
  • countryboi334Lame
  • _gl42_Your lame if you think EMINEM is lame @mrcsxfan.ns
  • countryboi334@_gl42_ eminen fan getting emotional☝😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • _gl42_No but cha mom was gettin emotional last night cause I left her 😂😂
  • countryboi334@_gl42_ now I would go back and forth witchu weak bitch....but that wouldn't satisfy me at all if i chose to shit on eminen im gone do it now wtf u gone do bout it y u checkin me behind marshall faggot ass bye #Felicia
  • _gl42_Spitin dis rap diss that'll make ya shut ya trap like a mouse trap so homie don't get taped out get upa cutted in ya mouth bitch ya girl is gettin on ma dick goin down south so ya betta watch out ya gonna ta get eradicated son get evacuated, aggravated ta da point that I hit cha in ya joint cause I got EMINEM's back and ya best know that ya fuckin rat betta watcha back befo I hit cha wita spiked bat and paralyze you from da neck down and leave ya like that man I'm ill wit these raps so next time I'm comin through ya better know who ya talkin to
  • _gl42_This diss is meant fa you @mrcsxfan.ns
  • _gl42_#justgotslayed @mrcsxfan.ns
  • countryboi334@_gl42_ shut yo lame ass up
  • _gl42_Bitch I'd love ta see ya make me
  • milemathersGOSTOSOOOOOO ❤
  • awj2912lakersShady is the goat
  • kerola.krasniqiEminem is blessed with talent to be a rapper, his raps are so true I love how he talks about his life, it's like his music talks to me he is probably my only friend when I'm alone and feeling sad Eminem is there for me with his songs, I have been with this guy for four years and I have never given up on him and I'm not planning on giving up on him. I will never give up on him. I love you Eminem 😘😘😘😘😘 All I want to do is to give him a big hug and to attend one of his concert.
  • amani_petro@yousef_nawas
  • yousef_nawas😍😍 the boss @laura_nawas @dana_na3was @christinana3was7
  • lauranws312@yousef_nawas ❤️❤️😍😍
  • blakebizmeJust wanted to stop by say what's up........that's all take care homie.....💯
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