#DELIASMODELSEARCH It's back! Want to model for us? Enter our contest now! For full deets & rules check out: http://bit.ly/1dZVESq
  • delias#DELIASMODELSEARCH It's back! Want to model for us? Enter our contest now! For full deets & rules check out: http://bit.ly/1dZVESq

  • lizdayyHii @delias my name is Elizabeth, Liz for short ✌️I'm a huge fashion fan and absolutely love your clothes and shoes! I'm 12 and am 5'6" and have long golden brown hair with blue green eyes. I'm a hardcore lacrosse player who's fun, energetic and well crazy.! If chosen this would be my first time modeling but I hope not the last. I would be honored to model for such an established clothes store! Thank you!!
  • lexiedmondssHi @delias I'm Alexis. I'm 12 and I'm 5'7 I luv Delia's so much and it would be so cool to model for you. What makes me different is that I go to a school of the ARTS. It would be so cool if u selected me as one of u models. I know u get these a lot. But thanks so much for the opportunity
  • casey.nathanHello there @delias I'm Casey (obviously). I had to make a public account @delias_model_ so that I could post my pictures, just FYI. I would LOVE to be a delias model. One, I basically live in your skinny jeans. They are so cute and they fit my tall and slender body. Two, it's my dream to be a model, but I don't have much time for it. Between school, swimming, acting, band, and finding time to do service, it doesn't leave me much time to do anything. I know you are getting hundreds of thousands of these, but if you chose me, it would make my world!
  • madisoncriversWell hey I'm Madison. I'm 14. 5"8". Blue/green eyes. I would love an amazing opportunity like this! I love being in front of the camera. And hope you pick me😊
  • taylorrose417My name is Taylor Rose I'm 16 and I'll be 17 on April 17th. I love to model and everyone says I should and it's my dream to model for you guys because you guys are my favorite store ever!! I'm 5'6 with blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs and I'm skinny and fit. I'm very energetic, happy and always positive. I love to dance and cheer. I always love bringing happiness and fun into the workplace and I'm willing to work as hard as possible to get this spot. You won't regret picking me! I've been asked to model for Hollister but I have turned them down. I prefer Delia's and I would love to show off your store and proudly represent your clothing. This would be and opportunity of a lifetime and I would die for this spot! Please pick me! I love you guys 💕
  • emilyjoy_19I'm Emily thirteen but turning 14this year I'm 5'5 but still growing I really would like to be a model for you I love your clothing and I would like to thank you for the opportunity! Good luck everybody it's gonna be a hard choice!!
  • emmarichards0nYou have to be at lest 13 or older sorry guys.... @lexicameron_ @liz_day1596 @shortyheather7 @elizabethrw
  • emmarichards0n*least
  • averie_siegelI was a model for 3 years and man do I miss it so I would greatly appreciated and I love Delias so much and my birthday was in October and I now I am 13 hope that I could be your next model for your amazing store hope to get to meet you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS
  • em_weathow tall do you have to be?
  • savanna_roadesSavanna. 12. Almost 13. 5'6" so long legs. Brown eyes. Dark medium length brown hair. I would love to model! I don't mind being unique and differnt. @ savanna_roades
  • devonmariesteedeI wanna be a model
  • pattysibigaWhen are u doing another one
  • sarah.yaghi14 5'9" dark eyes dark hair.
  • lauren_nicoleh_Im lauren and im 14. Blue eyes and a brunette. I would love to model for delias it would mean a lot!
  • alanapinckleyIm 15 5'4. Long straight blonde hair . Bluish green eyes. .roughly 95/ 100 pounds. long legs. I doubt anyone will see this but id love to model and i love delias too :)
  • jetsetterjay4🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋
  • desireemathersI wanna model! 🙋
  • lillymcloughlin@tessa__grace__ @luv_emilyjacko
  • jessicaconti__I'm too ugly for that 😂
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