Jars = what the kids are keeping. Red bowl = what they're exchanging for money. Me = happy.
  • tshoxenreiderJars = what the kids are keeping. Red bowl = what they're exchanging for money. Me = happy.

  • ingvildt74Great idea.
  • nala_verstricktAwesome idea!
  • oneaboutusYou're nicer than I. My kids got 5 pieces. :)
  • krystina_mm= good
  • toshatakespicturesFantastic idea!
  • allyfallonThis is brilliant!! Filing this idea away for someday when I have kids.
  • melisawinslowWe do this as well. The Switch Witch visits us on November 1st.
  • teenbugSo brilliant!
  • cayley.elizabethMy mom had the same idea! She say that all of my candy has to fit in a mason jar! @tshoxenreider
  • annielanceWe've exchanged 99% of my son's (food intolerances) for a new Lego set. But I might do this for the girls. Cause letting them eat candy while he can't is impossible!! (not that they get to eat much anyways!)
  • _angelamills_Yep, that's exactly what we do!
  • townsendhouse1have got to get this candy out of my house! :-) great idea!
  • marydpetersonWhat do you do with the candy you're getting rid of?
  • christie.ryanThat is a genius idea! I'm wiring this idea down for when I have kids!
  • tshoxenreider@marydpeterson this year, we're debating between sending it to the troops and just tossing it in the trash.
  • christinegoughYou have solved my dilemma!!!! I was so tired last night upon arriving home that we shoved the boys off to bed ( just after they greeted our only two trick or treaters NAKED). What a night. This holiday kills me EVERYTIME!!!!!
  • de_ma_cuisine@christinegough Your comment made me laugh. :)
  • mrsfreshscratchMy kids declared that night that they were leaving most of it for the Switch Witch, and how she would leave a surprise in the night. What?!? I was unprepared but rallied. Seems there's a fairy for everything these days...
  • tiffanymlarson@marydpeterson Check out candy for troops, local dentists collect candy and mail it to the troops overseas!
  • deleenobleCool!!
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