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  • westmidlandspoliceBABY VIDEO: Here is an exclusive video of the abandoned #brumbaby. Any info, call 101.

  • kirstylouise_92Omg I want to adopt her she adorable!!!
  • jemimadowleAww! She's a sweetie :)
  • jill_hadenShe is so beautiful. Hope her mom gets the help she needs x
  • singloudclearHope she ends up somewhere where she is safe and loved.
  • stevie_jw@borpey123 she's so cute!
  • chan__leiOmg 😪😔 @___jxrden
  • annejames30so cute please help find the mum and give help she needs
  • hurricanepraewaBless
  • vprunty1I would love to adopt her.
  • die_schoenstenspruecheThe mother dont deserve this beautiful baby!!!
  • salms91That's so sad :(
  • anna_gabrielaaaaShe's an angel!♥ I wish I was old enough to adopt her!
  • mylk01O my I would absolutely love to hv her as a new addition to my family of all boys.
  • wagnec02Let this baby be loved like the way she needs to be. I hope they find the mom and she is not able to reproduce again.
  • belabatchShe's beautiful! God bless her & the gsd that found her!
  • doris_heckprayers that she is placed in a home where she is loved,honored and cherished as a blessing.
  • steelemyheart2011She's so perfect. It sickens me that some assholes could just abandon her in a park. Seriously the are programs that are at up so this kind of thing doesn't happen.
  • draqonflyyI remember when my one year old brother was that big
  • ramos0223She's so cute I hate that somembody would do this to such a cute little thing and I wish I could just take her home with me.who ever did this is sick and doesn't deserve to have such a beautiful child like her and hopefully she'll go somewhere where she'll be loved and cherished
  • annette3garciaI will take in a heart beat.. Thank God for the great German Shepherd!!! Wow. The woman who gave birth to thus precious bundle needs to be persecuted!!!!!
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