• tiamowryGeisha!!!!!

  • mariagutierrezcGeishas are NOT prostitutes, do your research. And she can dress up as whoever (race) she wants to, she's not offending any culture.
  • avariberry@sweetkisses3535 im betta... right? :'(
  • bella_kalani330Awesome costume!! Love it!
  • amaka.azie@naturalallday you can make a point without resorting to insults! Everyone has sn opinion and should be free to air it! SMH
  • chloeray1@onedopechica why don't we do things like this?
  • naturalalldayYeah yeah yeah @amakaazie Lol I can insult whoever I pls hunni #Teamnappy at it again. I'm very blessed and your right I'm free to my opinion so what if you're sensitive to it. TIA coulda been also to the ignorance. Airhead arguments annoy me
  • tarita2People, it's a costume. She's obviously not dressing like this to make fun of them!! Geisha's aren't a white culture yet they paint there faces white so what? When white people paint there faces black it's with the intent to degrade black people, completely different!! So why are you guys creating a war about an Instagram pic. It's so ridiculous!!
  • ladyparxWould love to go to a (non ghetto) adult Halloween/Costume party @chloeray1
  • _leahsrich_If you don't like it than shut your mouths you're acting like four year olds all of you
  • nyahbinghidollPeople are stupid! GREAT COSTUME
  • awhitson2Your costume is bomb Tia! Ignore the ignorant comments. People always like to talk about things they really know nothing about. Smh, some people can be so stupid.
  • journ_ayeeeLove it!!!!! Very unique awesome!!!!! So pretty💖💖💖😍👍👍👍😊
  • 245mxDifferent it's sweet
  • jacandyCooool!
  • msmelod@gengen83 @ksdc08 @katcas21 THIS is right!
  • ksdc08@msmelod lmbo!!! You're a mess
  • gengen83@msmelod TRUTH (2chains voice) ... Look into my eyes
  • queenbuttapecanBeautiful
  • _sshieewhy lmao @tewina_man
  • anitamachuca1295Hot costume
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