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  • teamvapexhale@dominiklupo we have elevated vaporizing technology. You're probably used to old school vaporizers. Time to evolve and check out what happens when real engineer tackle the vaporization problem.
  • dominikgwrapsWhat do you mean old school haha I'm 21
  • teamvapexhale@dominiklupo all were saying is that if you're calling bullsht on the video, then you are only familiar with old school vapes. Our unit extracts more vapor without high temps which is a puzzle old school vaporizers are still trying to solve
  • dominikgwrapsThat's either combustion or set to high for it to taste smooth, in that case it makes sense to want it on a super filtrated piece. There's only so many ways to vaporize
  • teamvapexhale@dominiklupo there is a reason we won best product at cannabis cup twice in a row. If you haven't tried it then how can you comment?
  • teamvapexhaleWe are known for having the best flavor. Go do more research before further commenting as you will find that you are incorrect on all fronts.
  • dominikgwrapsYou're clearly taking this personally hah obviously i haven't tried it or i wouldn't be commenting it on a video on instagram haha it was just an assumption, calm down ha
  • teamvapexhale@dominiklupo well if people talk shit about your jewelry you respond the same way. The things you are saying are exactly what we designed this vape for. Of course we would defend ignorant comments because that shapes public perception. As a etsy shop owner you should know better to speak about something you lack knowledge about.
  • dominikgwrapsWhy do you think i started out by saying not talking shit? You can defend something without coming off like a dick haha
  • teamvapexhale@dominiklupo fair enough but after we explained how it is different you continued to push your point so who was being a dick then?
  • dominikgwrapsI'm only continuing to comment cuz you keep responding to me haha, i wasn't talking shit after you corrected me. So I'd still say you're the dick for just insinuating that i was a dick. This whole conversation has been relatively inappropriate if you ever planned on having me as a customer.
  • dominikgwrapsLike I'm still not trying to talk shit or be a dick just saying, from a business stance
  • teamvapexhale@dominiklupo the purpose of my response was to correct some very inaccurate things about the product. Apologies for the back and forth but we felt very strongly that this needed correction.
  • baronhanoverWhat's so special about the vapor extraction?
  • teamvapexhale@baronhanover we use the Venturi effect as well as playing around with air pressure to lower boiling point of active components. That's how you get low temp, thick vapor
  • miranderbs@bluntgodbert
  • mr_potsonHey i just got my Evo with nails and I'm still trying to figure out how to use it in terms of how hot to get it, and how long to wait before hitting it after putting the glass on, if you could help me out it would be much appreciated, thanks
  • teamvapexhale@mr_potson if you ever had questions, email support@vapexhale.com and we can better serve you. Instagram not good for typing instructions
  • teamvapexhale@mr_potson responded!
  • mr_potson@teamvapexhale thanks, really loving the vape so far!!
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