Rp my billy @shoota93 RNs be careful on them streets people racial profiling is now legal again #facts NYC #StayFree n #StaysuccerFree
  • jimjonescapoRp my billy @shoota93 RNs be careful on them streets people racial profiling is now legal again #facts NYC #StayFree n #StaysuccerFree

  • uscsafety43Stop n Frisk only applies if an incident rises to resonable suspicion. How you gonna be mad when the JAKES frisk you cause you wanna loiter, trespass, and behave disorderly in public? These criminals wanna be impervious to police tactics so they can keep terrorising our neighborhoods with drugs and guns. We all know institutional racism exist... allowing potential criminal behavior to not be address is absurd.
  • beeleeknapp@projectnerd just dominated everyone
  • _kingdaySome of them words @projectnerd said half of you incompetent ass wholes don't understand lol know ya law understand ya rights
  • loslungsfullDat go dj flamey @jimjonescapo
  • piskko@theboyboy2600 marshall
  • boogie753@projectnerd come on now im not any of those things in fact im a nerd as well holding 2 degrees and it is plain to see that law and stand your ground are meant to facilitate legal discrimination for lack of a better term @projectnerd WAKE UP (in my larry fishburne voice)
  • boogie753@projectnerd this law will also push america into marshal law quit playin #besmart
  • skizzlesanThat's what you get for not letting your voice be heard. Generations before us opposed and fought for what was right and what they believed in. They paved the way. Not so this generation could put headphones on and stare at a phone but to be treated equal. Now y'all just gone and fucked it up. Wake up you stupid fucking idiots. We're being played big time.
  • skizzlesanAnd they wonder why the world is the way it is. America is just a paranoid
  • nikkidreamz13We are not living in the land of the free,but rather the land of hypocrasy! So sad!!
  • _eddycashSmfh !$ we out here doe # salute my g @jimjonescapo
  • splashyy_klay@ihateyay @dolo_rollin sheeesh glad they dont got this down hea
  • hb_hotsauceMartial law
  • cheeechndchong_@mrrichgodd this is probably why they ran into your spot. Racial profiling is legal in ny again. I'm sorry for just happened to u
  • richgodd@cheeechndchong_ Thanks hun... Shits about to get crazy in these streets then...
  • cheeechndchong_@mrichgodd no problem, And yes they are. Stay safe and always pay attention
  • imalmostrichTHEY COULD SUCK MY DICK
  • gford59no lie
  • stonerillaFuxk Da Feds. Da CIA. Da PO lice. They all can eata dirty dick or pussy. FREE ALL MY RILLA'S
  • she__motivated__The system is all fucked up. In n out! To many snitches as well @jimjonescapo
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