So this happened... Give it your best caption!
  • zumiezSo this happened... Give it your best caption!

  • dayton_tapertThis is what happens when you are drunk
  • two_jays_ydgSo Jack Sparrow and Wolverine walk into a Wal-Mart...
  • dee.beesknees"Where's the beer?!" "The rum! It's gone?!"
  • rd_igThey probably went for a beer run and were so drunk they couldn't find the beer
  • simpeljakWe're the fuck is the milk 4 my captain crunch nigga
  • simon_ouryHey jack, i think there's no more rhum...
  • gamep00pJack so what do u want. ( jack) I don't mate , u? ( wolf...) No I'm sure . ( jack ) Ya let's get water . ( jack ) What are u crazy down the ai There's
  • gamep00pBeer . ( wolf...) oh he'll ya
  • h0enirWhere's the rum????
  • abbsession@pipo_star where is this?! You have to find them!
  • pipo_star@allstar1273 I must!
  • andrew_germzWolverine I don't care what you want just hurry up we need to leave port in five minutes
  • dolt_burnsyWHY IS THE RUM GONE?! Then wolverine gets mad and extends his claws, wich is the point were the picture was taken
  • morenita12486Lol
  • steezy.eeAny ocean water @zumiez
  • boarding_bros_coD
  • boarding_bros_coThe milk?!!??!
  • troublelovNigga this is not where the dam rum is ....lmao
  • know the only person who can pick up the juice with out it getting everywhere
  • ga.rre.ttYou obviously dont shop at zumiez man. Your so basic
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