Then Tampa..
  • selenagomezThen Tampa..

  • annemarthruhaakI want to be there to💕💋
  • sophieshrestha@carenchopraa I see us
  • wateriswetandsoami@ox.isis lol hits don't mean anything. You can have hits but have little to no vocal ability. It's all based on idiots like you that follow her. You're fooling yourself if you really think this cunt can sing.
  • wateriswetandsoami@ox.isis yeah, I do I have a problem. It's an insult and a joke that she's actually doing well in the charts considering that people with actual vocal ability could have been there instead. If you're gonna waste that money on hoemez you might as well give it to charity.
  • simmarci@ox.isis slaaayed 👐👏👏
  • giballerini@maria_juliap muuuuu
  • giballerini@meylinxavier
  • francesxa.tI remember seeing you that day now Tampa!!!!! @selenagomez
  • gabyalejacontrerasFeels
  • dominican_princess29I LIVE IN TAMPA
  • christinaflorendoWE'RE IN HERE SOMEWHERE @savinaquin
  • savinaquinWE ARE IN THIS PICTURE @christinaflorendo
  • alhanouf.mansour@b_bmb @rxyh_20 @najlafahad_27 @_yasminmf she didn't have to do this after every concert but she did .💙
  • najlafahad_27@alhanouf.mansour yanass mashallah 3aleha💙💙
  • elliebush.x.x.x@neveburton.x omg like 2 yrs ago 😭😭😢
  • summerstrickI remember this day like yesterday. It was a really cool experience and in 2011 I remember seeing you in Clearwater. It's weird how time flies. Wish I was seeing you this time, but hopefully I'll see you your next tour ! :-
  • gomezmindSelenators will never stop loving you keep that in mind 💓 And even if the whole world tries to tear you apart we will still be there for you because you're awesome and we love you 💗 I know you're very unlikely to see this but hopefully this can put a smile on your because that's all I ever wanted to do : To see you smile and be happy 💞 No matter what happens just know you got me 💖 I will support you no matter what you do and no matter where you go I will follow you 💕 And if there ever comes a day when we have to part, I will keep you in my heart and you'll never fade away 💙 You're the only one I loved so much in my entire life and it doesn't matter if you don't know I exist or you don't care about me (which you do bc I'm a Selenator) I will still love you with all my heart. So much it can never be explained and it will never end 💟 @selenagomez
  • berfin.yildiz62I love you @selenagomez
  • olyachka123Wow🤗
  • luizarreguyBEST fandom
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