Thank you so so much @child_of_wild for my gypsy treasures from all over the world!!!!
  • vanessahudgensThank you so so much @child_of_wild for my gypsy treasures from all over the world!!!!

  • cbgb_caryl@indeisnotcool gypsy is a term used for nomadic, free-spirited people usually of Romanian descent you're just stirring up unnecessary dramas so yes you should calm down because you do not speak on behalf of the whole Romanian community, I bet fortune teller costumes offend you too...
  • delaramarinaLove uuuu gurl! I miss ur videos, please post more!!! Love u
  • madam_ladymartin@indeisnotcool srsly, we understand your point, but u should also try to understand that vanessa doesn't have intention to be mean or to insult anyone. It is not about the word she said, but it is more about the intention. If she had insulted anyone unintentionally, i think she is not liable for the act. Like, she doesnt have any fault! Why is it being a big deal? Like you want her to be sued or something... #JusSaying
  • madam_ladymartinShe had erase her captions already? SO HOPE EVERYONE COULD CALM DOWN NOW...
  • madam_ladymartinOh no, shw didn't. False alarm
  • memoiirez@indeisnotcool get em girl. Don't be afraid to stick up for your heritage.
  • memoiirezCultural appropriation. You ALL need to read up on it.
  • dannymac18I LIKE POPCORN
  • superlileey@indeisnotcool then the things you say are rooted in hate too. You respect your own culture but you cant respect others culture. You dont want your culture to get slandered yet you keep slandering someone's culture. Cool story bro. Well in my culture you're opinion is a slur and I wont back down to people like u who dont understand the fine line between intentionally insulting someone or just merely putting captions around photos w/ innocent connotation
  • superlileey@indeisnotcool and you should also know that the shop where Vanessa ordered those stuff is using the gypsy fashion accessory type. Maybe she got the term from them because of the accessories' name. You dont even know how she came up w/ that caption yet u keep judging, girl.
  • inde_0pal@lilyanne09 "my opinion is a slurr"? 😂 haha what? That made noo sense. How is what I say rooted in hate? I'm considerate of other peoples cultures? When I post a picture of let's say a pair of shoes I don't say "hey, look i got my nigger shoes"
  • inde_0palWho's fucking culture am I "slandering" care to enlighten me? @lilyanne09
  • billie_n_ray@billiebgo
  • madam_ladymartin@indeisnotcool but she doesn't intentionally put those words to insult someone because for her it was nothing. It is her culture so better respect and if u dont want to see her post anymore then go unfollow her. you are free to do that. Better yet, only mingle with people who has the same culture as you so that you wont encounter this kind of problem.
  • carolinaacomasYou're last sentence 🙌 @ladyforeverlady
  • carolinaacomasPlus she said treasures* where is the insult in that?
  • tybbo.ep@cbgb_lamb ..umm I think you should do a little more research about Romanians. First of all , they are from the latine culture just like the following countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal etc. Second of all, gypsy people have their roots in Asia, more exactly India. So they are not at all of Romanian descent. No insult, just don't wanted you to get the wrong idea.
  • tybbo.ep*didn't* (grammar correction for me )
  • cbgb_carylNo it's cool I know they're not all of Romanian descent just the one I could think of at the time lol @tybbo thanks for the heads up tho
  • hantaraveloi love them
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