Monster Celo man Danny . So amazing listen the him play
  • jossstoneMonster Celo man Danny . So amazing listen the him play

  • kaykachAwesome! :)
  • edouglas528Hey Joss - 5 Pointz won another stay to avoid demolition. We need to rally the troops!
  • yezec💐💐💐
  • thiigreI want you here in Brazil for more shows Joss!
  • alexandralouisa000I love u to the moon and back Joss❤️❤️ come to austria or germany please❤️❤️
  • jossstoneindonesiaNEW song at least... 😍
  • alexandralouisa000@jossstoneindonesia lets hope so❤️❤️
  • tacianacruzEu só li o Danny e quase infartei ASHUAHSUAHSUAHAUHSU @rayradam
  • willow68hbcello... yeah... nice warm sound... line it
  • willow68hblike it too
  • aargonauta@tacianacruz MEU HEART DISPAROU AGORA HAUAHAUAHAUHAIA aff </3 alarme falso
  • meeshee45I have listened to FREE ME every day for 411 days. Thank you!
  • anabelescalanteHope new álbum ... Would be great for christmas XXX :)
  • runaway_love0Joss stone u are my idol I wish I had a soulful voice like ur own but I listen to ur music all the time and it's amazing .. It would mean a lot to me if u followed me or give me a shout out or even reply to the comment it doesn't matter
  • castrofeerJoss stone one year in Chile!!
  • abibly_have a nice party tonight! my mum is there with Jackie, hehe 😊
  • madeleine_collinsI LOVE YOU SO MUCH 💛💙💜💚
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