Tap video for sound
  • chilisShhh… don’t tell! It’s another sneak peek of something sweet heading to Chili’s…

  • arianafowkes@chilis I know what it is!! Hehe
  • btd0655Pumpkin Spice Molten 😍 it's delicious.
  • daynamgWe should keep it FOREVER!! So bad working at chilis- I'm getting fat for all the awesome food lol
  • deathwhisperedalulllabyI work there so i know ;)
  • this_girl_is_angThe peanut butter molten will be missed! I'm sure pumpkin spice will be a hit.
  • good_honieSilly...
  • vgirl0027Ooookkkk?!
  • stcytrrs1125Pumkin Spice Molten IS the best molten ever made. I had it a few days ago.
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