Goodmorning from the Mckee family ;) #buck #hunting #lovemylife
  • mackenzietaymckeeGoodmorning from the Mckee family ;) #buck #hunting #lovemylife

  • magenannetteMe and my son are going deer hunting this year. He will see blood and a dead animal. Because how the hell do you think humans have survived this long? What do you think they ate when there wasn't a mcdonalds or walmart to go to? Exactly. Y'all are just a shit ton of hypocrites. Bash on hunting all you want but y'all are the ones looking stupid. I mean really. We own a farm and if we don't hunt the deer we get over populated and what does that cause people? Do you know? Diseases. Deformed deer. Seriously, hunting is a way of life. Animals hunt other animals to survive and what do we survive off of people?? Do you know? MEAT. We survive off of MEAT. How do you think we get to eat meat? OTHER PEOPLE KILL THE ANIMALS. Factories do it in a inhuman way. At least deer hunting is one clean shot and the deer feels no pain. Instead if a cow getting best and prodded it's whole life and skinned alive. Do you know the chemicals in the meat you eat at any store? Deer is the cleanest meat you can eat. No chemicals. Just nature fed. So seriously, y'all look like just a bunch of idiots. I get some people and vegan and stuff and I'm all for that. You don't NEED meat to survive but other people do and I promise back when there wasn't grocery stores, people didn't just eat veggies to survive. They ate meat. So stfu.. Seriously.
  • xoxo.natalie92Stop with all the negative comments Ok?! She is an amazing mom and wife and sister and daughter! She can show her kid whatever she wants! And apparently Gannon likes hunting with his dad so back off
  • kaitlynne_stryker@kellyinrainbows @giannad2 are yall crazy? God made animals for us to eat. They kill the animal to eat it. Its not like they shot it just for fun. You know the deer is dead right? they sliced it open after they shot it! what is the problem with eating something that is meant to be eaten?
  • iheart626@frankcorpus
  • vanisetsfire@kellyinrainbows @giannad2 so you both are vegetarian or why do you shit your pants ? Is it also cruel and disgusting to buy meat ? It's funny how everyone loses their minds
  • allaboutthatflow_lifeSo many of you that have commented on this really make me wish "The Purge" was real. If you don't like the post, don't waste your time commenting and arguing with people. You think hunting is wrong? Great! Find like minded people and surround yourself with them. Why bother putting extra negativity out in the world? You aren't going to change anyone's mind via Instagram comments. This Earth is already plagued with plenty of hate/awful occurrences/negativity/etc. Try something different and radiate positivity ✌️
  • _jessiemaddenAmericans are so mean to eachother on these things 😨
  • sinaiborjasPor gente tan stupida como ustedes los niños crecen pensando que matar y violentar animales es algo aceptable cuando NO LO ES! Realmente me consideraba fan pero soy una persona que piensa que los derechos animales son tan iguales de importantes que los de nosotros "los humanos supuestamente pensantes" que terror que siendo tan "CATÓLICA - CRISTIANA" les des ese ejemplo a tus hijos acaso no ves su cara de asustado? En fin que se puede esperar de alguien tan hueca de la cabeza como tu y toda tu falsa vida Ja! Cuidado porque de seguir así seguirás perdiendo fans y no creo que eso sea bueno para ti ya que Mtv dejaría de mantenerte! Mejor ponganse a trabajar par de niños dependientes de " PAPA Y MAMA" Y del dinero que ganan exponiendo todas las humillaciones que tu novio te hace cada que te manda a la mierda por enfadosa en TV, acaso no conocen el trabajo de verdad?
  • sinaiborjasEres tan estúpida que apuesto a que no entenderás el español. fuck you, stupid!
  • rebeccasmithe@sinaiborjas 👍 Yo puedo leer espanol y estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo 👍 Stop leeching off of MTV and get a job instead of just continually getting knocked up! Didn't you learn your lesson the first time around!?! Apparently not... #smh
  • shanicecory_xThis is disgusting...
  • __dorotkaaI thought you was the kindest person and wouldn't hurt a fly This shocks me
  • xx.peyton.woodall.xxIt's called deer hunting people gotta eat👍
  • xx.peyton.woodall.xx@__dorotkaa
  • lesselstarrLol people are so dumb ,, and so hypocritical! I mean you eat store bought meat but this is a problem ? I work in the food industry and the meat you buy at the store ? Yeah those animals are treated worse than this so just calm down honestly it's not that bad @mackenzietaymckee
  • mustangwindsYum.... Venison! Better yet... Hormone free! This is healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle and just plain good old fashioned clean living.
  • alphafamily45Keep hunting and posting the pictures of it! I see nothing wrong with this picture. I do this with my kids. Its called HUNTING for a reason its FOOD
  • n0rma_xoThis is horrible:( look at the poor kids face😔
  • jbros21Parenting done right!
  • is.freezingAwful.
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