Follow along with us this morning as we tweet and Instagram our favorite Spring 2014 looks at the AEO Press Preview Event in NYC! #AEOSpring2014
  • americaneagleFollow along with us this morning as we tweet and Instagram our favorite Spring 2014 looks at the AEO Press Preview Event in NYC! #AEOSpring2014

  • candito_fitchSpring wtf is going on with american eagle
  • nickiravefon@snverrier it's not ridiculous. It's called organized, prepared and successful
  • alexalgreeneYA HAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • snverrier@_nicole_nixon_ it's a good business I get it. I'm just saying they've gotten out of control with how early they advertise for new stock. It's not just american eagle either you see it everywhere. I walked into Macy's the other day and their decorated for Christmas. I'm just saying they should slow down a little and let people enjoy the season. I'm not telling them they can't work, they can still be organized and prepared, they just don't need to advertise so early.
  • saba_ch255I loveeeee this brand:-*
  • danacc1982Acuérdate de pasar por aquí @oricontreras jajaja
  • meganstilesso excited 😍
  • sammyygeee❤️❤️❤️👌
  • zebramonkeysssColorado makes it hard to wear shorts :ccccccc
  • ingrid_yaneth88I lovee the regular shorts and we need capris 2014 pleeeaassee @americaneagle
  • hallseygramSpring is always my least favorite collection. By the time it comes out I'll have to wait 6 months to wear it
  • nepamr2chickSo not ready for it Why so early anyway
  • talyagalozWe're still in the fall you know
  • suzanne.liDude it's not even halloween yet and your posting soo much on spring 2024?! That's just crazy ridiculous, it doesn't even make sense. I totally agree with @snverrier
  • americaneagleThanks for following us during the #aeospring14 Press Preview!
  • danielle_schuylerThis was a PRESS PREVIEW people. Relax. @americaneagle is allowing its fans to get a sneak peak to maintain interest in their fashion line and just in case there are people curious about what will come out for spring. When you are a company this large and this busy, you need to work year round. You can't wait until one month before spring to unveil your collection. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes that customers don't realize. It's a continuous cycle. Unlike tv series, a fashion line doesn't have an "off season" or "hiatus." If it bothers you that much, don't look at the pictures.
  • colton.allen@danielleinpublic has the idea! 👍 if you don't understand the way the fashion industry works then get out and educate yourself. Companies always have to be ahead of the game.
  • ambercynthia@chyannereese you outfit in the middle !!!
  • chyannereese@ambercynthia haha 😜
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