• giampaolosguraAs the organizers of the fashion party “Hallowood Disco Africa”, we would like to sincerely apologize that this private party offended so many people. It was never our intention to do so. We had named the party “Disco Africa” to reflect the growing influence of Africa in the design and fashion world, not only as a growing market but also as the source of creative ideas. In retrospect, we clearly failed to think through the possible negative consequences and interpretations that might have resulted and appeared in both traditional and social media. These interpretations are all the more upsetting because most people in the fashion industry, from which we come, have always taken a strong stand against social discrimination whether on sexual, religious or racial grounds. Creative talent is what counts, not a person’s social, racial, religious or sexual background. We’re so sorry that we failed to make our position clear and gave the impression of racism. We are now much wiser and will do our very best to clarify our position in the future.
    #hallowood2013 #discoafrica

  • 73valtariGrande!
  • mohdsultanhWell done and said! The intention was completely different and your amazing for clarifying that to the public that misunderstood! It's very unfortunate how people can misunderstand something so innocent and beautiful! Regardless I applaud you for the success of the beautiful party the creativity and input as well as your beautiful message to world! Best regards! M
  • ercolecellinoGreat. But they Dont deserve it
  • johanneshueblSo ridiculous! you would be the last person to insult anyone! Enjoyed the photos a lot. 👏 @giampaolosgura
  • johanneshueblSo ridiculous! you would be the last person to insult anyone! Enjoyed the photos a lot. 👏 @giampaolosgura
  • bitocostaIt is a shame what unhappily people have to say about others success.
  • bris8.euSiamo circondati da iene e vipere che sguazano nell invidia e cattiveria. Complimenti x il gesto anche se a mio avviso immotivato visto che non hai leso nessuno se non forse l invidia dei non invitati.
  • lucasem@giampaolosgura @marnau I repeat what I've commented on Miguel's post: none of the people who may know you nor those who ever came to one of your events or follow your work, could have ever misunderstood the meaning of this AMAZING party. Well done and well said. ❤️
  • agentqWelldone!!...Welldone!!...Welldone!.......xxAGENTQ
  • palmspringsclosetI've noticed most of the comments of "these people are being too sensitive" are from individuals that may not have ever experienced racism... There is a fine line between representing a culture & playing into a typical stereotype. I do think your intentions were pure!!!
  • casabelottiScusate. Ma com'è che l'anno scorso non si è incazzato nessuno?
  • alessandrosquarzi@giampaolosgura giampaolo come sempre la gente brava a criticare e gente che nella vita non può raccontare nulla io ti ringrazio perché per me è stata una festa stupenda con gente pazzesca e costumi meravigliosi e ti ringrazio perché è un bellissimo ricordo tatuato nella mia memoria grazie ancora
  • amelou777Nice to clarify, as a north african , I did like the creativity of costumes & the party but I was offended only by one : the slave costume with chains !!! Slavery doesn't represent in any way the African culture, slavery was a crime against humanity not only in Africa but everywhere else .. So seeing fashion peeps promoting freedom & then be disguised as people who never knew what was freedom is quite ..... !!!! However, we are all humans not perfect and we all make mistakes .. As for the rest, super beautiful job bravo @giampaolosgura
  • maurasoldatiEcco...io sono molto offesa e invidiosa per non aver partecipato! 😜 Comunque c'è sempre gente che vuole e ripeto vuole vedere il male in tutto.
  • alizalzali@giampaolosgura @marcobraga @marnau no matter what people will say or "make up", it is what your intention was that matters... thank you for that amazing party.. we had so much fun! Peace :)
  • coriamentaofficial@giampaolosgura @marcobraga @marnau io non ho mai visto una interpretazione Dell Africa così colorata e divertente , e' stata una bellissima festa in maschera , e la cosa importante e' non dimenticare che di questo stiamo parlando ... Riguardo ai look un po' " feroci" e' come se mi offendessi se in un party Sicilia , in mezzo ad agrumi e barocchismi uscisse la parola mafia .. Fa comunque parte dello storico della mia terra ! Ragazzi siete stati bravissimi , grazie per aver fatto di un party privato .. Il party Dell anno , ogni anno ! I love you cori
  • ____preston@giampaolosgura #HallowoodD3013 #discofrica by no means gave an "impression of racism" or was misinterpreted. It was just simply...racist.
  • pejufamojure@giampaolosgura i have no problem with your party theme its a costume party. But it's one thing to pay homage to the beauty of the nations of Africa from the people to the wildlife and it's another thing to be insensitive. Tabu has nothing to do with Africa and a slave is not representative of Africa's growing influence. How can you find these interpretations inspiring or creative? What's next an Auschwitz prisoner? Don't apologize for other people being offended, you should be offended by some of your guests as well.
  • mpmanagement@giampaolosgura ❤️💋
  • hernameistoni@mohdsultanh yes, because a slave costume totally epitomizes innocence and beauty. 😒 #sarcasm
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