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  • snookiThank you to the fans. Your support for Sasha and I are amazing , love you❤️

  • lifeisabeach__One step closer to the journey
  • _katiusca_❤️❤️❤️
  • fiiilii_❤❤❤ THEIRS NO POINT OF WATCHING :(
  • umm_quwonUmm . So what will i watch now on monday nights . No more snooki @snookinic they made a horrible decision
  • crystina87Dwts wont b the same i literally tuned in to see you! Waaaaaah!😫
  • caitster1@snookinic I'm sad! :( I voted for you every week! Won't be the same without you! Your such a great mom and beautiful person! :) love you! <3
  • samelliaThis was the first season that I voted, and they were all for you guys! That's why I tuned in. Guess I'll switch over to snooki and jwoww.
  • margiemargeeThe only reason I watched it this year was because of U Nicole. I voted for u every week. Every one of my votes went to u. So shocked and very upset. I almost fell off my sofa. I never expected it. U were the best one on there.
  • mariah_leigh03Does poley d have an Instagram????????
  • yasminmina1Yea @mariah0443 it's @djpaulyd
  • _alina_perez_Your welcome FYI I LOVE your show!
  • mizzmara_vibesI dont even wanna watch dwts now. I thought you were awesome . Wahhh said that ur gone @snookinic xo
  • kasiavictoriaabeautiful !!!;*
  • sashaxannMy name is sasha
  • hellokittyxoxo21@snookinic waaahh I hate that ur not on dwts it's not good now Your amazing!!!!!
  • youurnicotineIt was really surprising you left home. You still got the better suited and managed to get kicked oit. Some people weren't voting, I guess. Best of luck to you! You're a rock star! :)
  • hdjsiskwbebdbeI voted for you
  • jiselle_ramosIts peace out @vanessa_kubiak @ripley_thompson @alyyssaak
  • kuss_ezgiYou are so amazingg !
  • cheeky.__Come to Brooklyn
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