High School Daze...#mjmondays
  • shoepalaceHigh School Daze...#mjmondays

  • shoepalaceThey should bring back those shorts though. Ha!
  • lorde.luxHelllll No lol
  • therealantbankzLaney Vs Nov 2 #HSdays
  • sfcheeze415oh noooo! mike wearing some pro models, where the j's? hahaha
  • sgun_e82Jordans favorite sneakers were Adidas, they didn't agree on a contract so he went with Nike
  • shoepalaceAnd the rest is history...
  • jeffro._@sgun_e82 what a mistake they made
  • abe420Thank God he went with Nike,Adidas are meh at best Nike shits on most shoes sport shoes period. #GOTJS #MJ23 #TheGreatest
  • rukieo80z@msnancyf i know right
  • ijedi2He only went with Nike because his agent pushed it. If NOT it was Converse or Adidas!!!
  • ijedi2Nike was nobody back then!
  • eastwoodmac363Just imagine how you would feel if you were #40! You brag to your grandkids about playing against MJ! I know dudes who played against MJ & they still brag about getting scotched!
  • ijedi2@j_perales2324_ dude learn ur history Jordan was an adidas guy period! CONVERSE. Foolishly didn't sign him because they said they had enough guys,adidas thought pat Ewing was enough for them. But again his agent pushed for Nike because they were giving him his own shoe!
  • ijedi2Hey it's all good. Jordan won a national title in Converse & his first gold medal in Converse In the 84 Olympics.
  • blsnurfce1Pacoima Ca 9.5
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