Thanks for the picture, snowbird. Was in the top 10 chairs for the season! You can see from this picture I was way too stoked hahah #snowbird #day9 #waitisover2013 #winter2014 #standsideways #romesds #utah #greatestsnowonearth
  • bridget_fabelThanks for the picture, snowbird. Was in the top 10 chairs for the season! You can see from this picture I was way too stoked hahah #snowbird #day9 #waitisover2013 #winter2014 #standsideways #romesds #utah #greatestsnowonearth

  • bridget_fabel@evinjamuri gracias!
  • bridget_fabel@pinkbury you're going to love it! I've been riding Rome since day one, they have some of the sweetest girl boards out there. Have fun with it!
  • pinkbury@bridget77744 thanks! Yeah I'm pumped cuz I always hear good things and its only my 2nd board ever. Been riding only 3 years now but I know what I'm doing just don't do tricks yet. My fiance has a Rome Flag and loves in so he recommended Rome
  • bridget_fabel@pinkbury so cool! My board in this picture is also my second board ever! I've also been riding for 3 years, I fell in love with snowboarding fast. What mountain are you riding at?
  • pinkbury@bridget77744 haha too funny! I'm 28 but tried riding when I was 16 once then again at 19 once.. not so great lol now I'm 28, fiance taught me and I don't fall anymore woohoo lol and I go fast :D I live in Massachusetts so we have season passes to Wachusett Mountain but we also love to go 2 hours north to Bretton Woods in NH (by Mt. Washington). It was hard to learn for me at first but I loved it too. My family isnt a skiing family but I've been skiing a few times so I basically jumped in with minimal experience which is scary lolol
  • pinkburySorry I wrote a novel
  • bridget_fabel@pinkbury hahah no worries, that's so awesome though! Keep at it, it's going to be such a good winter (: you and your fiancé will have so much fun (: if you ever take a trip out west to Utah, let me know! Haha
  • pinkbury@bridget77744 thanks! Yeah it def seems like its gonna be a good winter for snowboarding :) yeah sounds good! He's been wanting to check out Colorado and Utah for riding so maybe some day :D
  • bridget_fabel@pinkbury sounds great :D
  • pinkburyAnd same goes for you if you ever come to the east coast :)
  • bridget_fabel@pinkbury definitely! Might be out there in December for a bit, I will let you know (:
  • pinkbury@bridget77744 awesome! Where abouts? I think our mountains are smaller but still fun lol
  • bridget_fabel@pinkbury New Jersey, that's where I'm from originally!
  • pinkbury@bridget77744 oh nice! 4-5 hours from me. We live next to Boston
  • bridget_fabel@pinkbury awesome! It's crazy I've lived on the east coast my whole life and I've never been to Boston! I need to go someday
  • pinkbury@bridget77744 haha Boston is fun. We recently drove through nj to go to pa. I've been to Warren where my stepsister lives
  • common_intellektPerfect! Expect a call or text. See you up there! 👌 @bridget77744
  • shanedeanI always find it interesting and impressive when people shred with rings on still. #styleoverfunction
  • bridget_fabel@shanedean haha it's not that, I've worn them every day for like three years. I sleep with them lol they never come off!
  • shanedeanI heAr ya!
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