New shoes solve everything. #fashion #torrid #flats #shoes
  • torridfashionNew shoes solve everything. #fashion #torrid #flats #shoes

  • bishxislayNever had a problem with the flats I've purchased from torrid, the boots I've bought has fallen apart after the third time wearing them and I spent 70 dollars it's really ridiculous and unexplainable !!
  • cosmoxdoll@zero_fuxkz_given have u tried returning? Do u know what the policy is on shoes that fall apart?
  • tabberzI have flats that I've been wearing almost everyday for months. I love them and they are comfy. They're starting to show their wear but with the amount of use they get they are definitely worth it. I haven't had problems with any of their shoes or boots (that I hadn't worn a ton of times). Seeing that it's super hard for me to find boots that fit my calves, they're worth it!
  • samantha_gross@cosmoxdoll if it's a quality issue after a few wears, RETURN them. It's a defect issue. @allthingz_beautiful and @missdini1904 torrid prices are totally reasonable. Most stores are located in malls, so you're gonna pay MALL PRICES - and good luck finding jeans and other things that fit as good as torrid clothes and that last as long as torrid clothes. You get what you pay for!!
  • dramatic_fish_@samantha_gross u r so right!!! I still have clothes from 7 years ago!!
  • samantha_gross@conniepineda right!! Torrid specializes in plus sizes, so you're gonna pay more. But when their jeans are made on a size 18 model, you're going to get jeans to fit your curves. Instead of other stores claiming to have plus size, but make their jeans on a size 0 model and just add extra fabric!
  • naturally_jarvyI have several pairs of boots, booties, sandals and flats from Torrid and I haven't had any problems. One pair on particular I wore almost every day the summer I got them and two years late and they still going strong! Lol everything I get from there lasts. I think it's so worth the money. My only complaint is they don't carry half sizes!
  • aosornio87I just bought the black ones on the right today. I can't wait to wear them. I absolutely LOVE Torrid. I found a store near me about 6 years ago and I still have everything I've ever purchased there. The clothes are great and last long. It might be a little expensive, but totally worth it.
  • torry530Stop complaining about the price! Good quality great fitting clothes are worth the price! If you can't afford it, get a richer boyfriend;) 😘✌
  • cosmoxdoll@samantha_gross I agree about torrids jeans...they are amazing and the only jeans I wear. I hope they can help with my shoes dilemma. I have four pairs that are "defective" pfft what are the odds...
  • kayteedianeTorrid is not overpriced. You get what you pay for. I have clothing items from 8 years ago and they are still in my wardrobe.
  • samantha_gross@cosmoxdoll especially if you still have your receipt take them back
  • d.d_auriaSucks a lot of their cutest shoes are made with chemicals that have been known to cause birth defects and cancer. Love them otherwise.
  • gracychasinglight@victoriamillirons I know that but women in bigger sizes don't always have BiG feet. I wear a size 18 pants and have a size six shoe I would like to wear their shoes. I think you should read my post again. I love torrid but wish they would make a size 6 shoe, and it's a valid complaint so I will complain until they hear me. That's what we the consumer is for to tell then what's working and what is not.
  • suburbanfoodieI would love to see you guys add skinny belts to your accessories. I always have a hard time looking for belts and i love different color skinny ones specially since i love your jeans it would look super cute!! @torridfashion
  • grrrcedesCome on, will these ever go on sale??
  • stacimarie1silver and black flats..where are these? I work for Torrid and I cant find them online. I also havrnt seen them come in yet!
  • stacimarie1havent*
  • missheartlady@fergie815 check them out
  • gottosaurusUmmmm I NEED those purple ones!
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