No place like home. #Memphis #JT2020Tour
  • justintimberlakeNo place like home. #Memphis #JT2020Tour

  • tinabattenGod bless your mother & father for this day as they gave us you! Happy Birthday handsome.
  • tinabatten@justintimberlake
  • exclusive.kayYongest fan ever ! Memphis is where it's at ! No place like home
  • ritaattisha1I love u
  • andribud96Love u
  • elliannadinsmoreI love your picks
  • ellagjersoePlease follow @isacelliot
  • savikaliI was there #tbt @justintimberlake
  • madii.lynn_I want that sign in my room
  • hello_kitty_stuff08Me 2!
  • erinnfleeceI AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN BAE
  • candacehammer@surban1 I want to go back...
  • kenzie.lhhey! i live in memphis lolss
  • anna_swiftAww throw back to the day I was so close to meeting my idol. #memphiansrule
  • nicoleariana_Memphis misses you, Justin.. Come home soon!
  • janbreezy23It was A GREAT Day for the City Of Memphis!! I met your Mom. What a Lady and a Sweetheart♥ #JTDAY #TNKid You we're Amazing my friend. Muah! XOXOX
  • bhopehealthIt is so beyond mind blowing to see YOUR picture of a stadium where I have spent so much of my life. Also mind blowing that ever since I can remember (no, I haven't been popping my collar) your name has been totally household because you were born here, but I've only seen you in person once and that was like.. . 1999? And from thousands of feet away. Just weird. You know what I mean? Probably not but I don't know how else to end this comment so that's what we're going with.
  • bellaolivaacome home soon !!! we love you !!!
  • hannah.fabianPlease come back to Memphis. I went to your concert last year. You were so great. But, I got the stomach flu when I was there and I could barely see the stage with my seats and I couldn't see the screen on the stage at all. I missed a whole bunch of my favorite songs because I was throwing up. You are such a great person, a great singer, and such an inspiration to everyone. Please please please come back to your hometown. We love you here more than anyone else. @justintimberlake
  • clintonjrt2015That show was absolutely epic it was my first time finally getting to see your astounding live show in ten years the last time before that was the Justified & Stripped Tour
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