Breathtaking LA sunset & now off to #Grove signing at #Barnes&Noble.....
  • giadadelaurentiisBreathtaking LA sunset & now off to #Grove signing at #Barnes&Noble.....

  • 216malibuSo pretty😍
  • janinevillarino14Wow
  • wonder51350I was @thegrovela last night for the X-Mas tree lighting ceremony!!! Hope you have fun tonight @giadadelaurentiis !!!
  • jmadonna30Zen, miss the beautiful ocean. Am in Colorado but was raised in California near coast. Breathtakingly awesome!
  • ceciliaargudoWhen coming to orlando fl
  • nicksalataNice....!
  • llleisaaaLove Giada, don't care about California. #giada #giada love your show ❤️
  • pixielivFigured it out yet? @giadadelaurentiis
  • chloebanaf@giadadelaurentiis I just met u tonight at Barnes and Noble. U are absolutely beautiful! Hope u remember who I am. I was the girl that u said I'm beautiful, also the one that has been watching your show almost for 5 years! Xo-@chllloooeee_99 ❤️
  • chloebanafIf u reply back to me, u would make me very happy! @giadadelaurentiis ❤️
  • frank0194Stunning!
  • patrickr1995Wish I could have been at the Palo Alto signing. I live 5 minutes from there. I watch your show every weekend. You are amazing at cooking.
  • chloebanaf❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • alismom1Soory that I missed you this afternoon in busy with work and when I had a chance to take a break it was 2:00....hopefully next time.
  • bravesgirl25agSo glad I got to meet you!!! Too sweet!! This TX girl can go home a happy camper!!
  • lindseyyipDani was so happy to meet you today at the book signing! We went into Dylan's candy shop and she spotted those peach candies and insisted on bringing them to you as a surprise. We did not realize why she was so adamant on the peach candies until later she said you introduced them on one of your episodes and said you liked them! She loves you and looks up to you! Your biggest littlest fan! You made her day today.
  • chellejoe98Lovely....thanks for sharing that gorgeous view.
  • jplanetaGiada, just got your new book in the mail. Loving it so far. I did notice a mistake in the labeling of the breakfast wrap. It's listed a vegan. With eggs as an ingredient, it shouldn't be listed as vegan. Perhaps this can be corrected on the next printing.
  • craycray_meemzSo lovely
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