Facing adversity. #49ers
  • 49ersFacing adversity. #49ers

  • bradleywellman0249ers suuuuuck!! GO SAINTS!!
  • cuzzita@ivame07
  • leather_geezyf2#49ers all day n 2morrow💯🏈!!!!!
  • 49er_pepsChinga tu madre bradleywellman02
  • sir_rok_cccWe got robbed but we back on the grind dig dat
  • jybona1688Stay faithful 9ers fam
  • malachiw3@meeech_zee 4sho!!!
  • jerr711I love it when people will see it for themselves and still lie..Everyone knows you're full of shit, even you...Brooks arm crashed, literally, breeses CHEST..It's on tape, and you all saw it.
  • oliverpierre11@killemkyle3 brooks did not hit his neck. Bree's neck cocked back and forth like a chickens head. If he would of hit his neck the head would of went one direction. Simple physics
  • oliverpierre11@ajzman44 because that's how u get a abs confidence back is by throwing short completable passes. Anyone who watches the game enough understands that
  • natesalinas49If our offense gets back to last years by the playoffs we will be unbeatable. If it doesnt we are losing first or second round
  • tommymck25@oliverpierre11 i dunno why ppl dont understand it. If Ahmad hit his neck then tiny Brees head wouldnt of whiplashed like it did period. It doesnt his forearm hit the top of his shoulderpads across his chest and once he fell he fell into Ahmads arm. Not a flag the @nfl got thiss crucial play wrong period. I dont care about the "other oppurtunities we had b/c that was a game changing bad call. And hopefully not a season ending. We gotta make a big run now. #ninergang #49ers
  • natesalinas49All true tommy but we should be running all over the saints with the talent on our offense. They need to get their crap tgther and yessss make a big run now @tommymck25
  • pparambeIt's about the read option shutting down. we need more of that offense out there or otherwise Kapernick last year is a good example
  • pparambe😄😃😃
  • redpoptartcatyo, beat those redskins! they are not as good as you!
  • 2249ersRedskins suck u can beat um
  • eliasucirvineI concur with Jim!
  • juliannn27Niners nation minou ❤ @cassidyy67
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