Seventh Ave. , New York
  • thesartorialistSeventh Ave. , New York

  • anandchetna@lidacastro ..well said ..
  • twildnyc@lidacastro I often give money and actually buy meals for homeless people I when I can, and I'll probably buy this guy a meal if I see him (solves your buy drugs theory). Pretty ignorant of you to assume all homeless people are drug addicts and alcoholics... I hope you never fall on hard times. Takings a photo of this man is exploitation, the least @thesartorialist could do is compensate a man who is clearly in need of help
  • kristopherwhitmanTo put it plainly, this picture depicts poverty, not street style. I find it offensive that one who makes a living taking street style photographs would turn his lens on a man who digs through garbage cans-- drugs or no drugs. @thesartorialist @lidacastro
  • mergermode@kristopherwhitman the picture depicts a moment in time. everything else, assumptions on a man's life, his financial status, photographer's ethics or implied responsibilities are your own projections. you are making it more than it actually is. using your logic, you have double standards, "following" a man who in your mind posts offensive materials.
  • lidacastro@twildnyc because I've been close enough to someone with this problem and helped him and talked with him about that street life and RECEIVED HIS ADVISE of not giving money or just give him food, is that I'm giving my own opinion of your public comment. You shouldn't call me ignorant for giving my free perspective since I didn't call you any disrespectful names. The same respect you say you have for homeless pple you should have it for every other human.
  • lidacastro@kristopherwhitman I respect your opinion if u find it offensive. I think on the other hand that this homeless man is just as worthy as any other human of being pothographed and found interesting by some potho street style blogger!... For me to be pothographed about what I'm wearing would be kind of flattering or a nice moment, just to know other person found me interesting even in my homeless condition. Could be a nice thing in the middle of all the ppl that don't even realize I'm there because I live on the streets. I definitely see it in a very different way, not negative.
  • jakejarvela#heatedinstagrampost
  • twildnyc@lidacastro I said it is ignorant to assume all homeless people are drug addicts and alcoholics. I stand by that statement. I meant you no disrespect, I don't know you to know whether or not you're an ignorant person.
  • beardedlegodadWow, interesting debate on what is a really simple and stunning picture. Some comments I can half agree with others are just purely stereotypical. The old adage 'a picture paints a thousand words' really should be used here. And leave @thesartorialist do you know if he has been given free jackets???Point is you don't. So come on IGers be nice to each other x
  • cardiekSomeone just buy his fabulous creation and get him a warmer waterproof tent. IF he would sell it.
  • imjustagirl77So im confused... Does @thesartorialist regularly compensate his subjects? Or get consent? And how do we know he didn't offer this guy some pocket change or a ham sandwich? Quite frankly I would bet quite a lot of those people he shoots that are well dressed are probably living waaaaay in the red!! This guy just doesn't live on credit ha!
  • jayoungcostumeSaw this guy the other day!!!
  • irishbrazilianYuk
  • bea201Some of you are missing the point. 💃
  • bocphotoThis photograph is all about composition. First, the squares in the jacket mimic the window shapes in the background. Second, the light softly touches each square creating compositions on their own. And lastly, the color shades of grey reflect the color most abundant in New York. @thesartorialist neither took this photograph to ridicule anyone nor to embrace a particular social class. It's all about the light and composition!
  • garethbracewellI've got to say that how so any of you know for a fact that this man is homeless. In one of @thesartorialist 's posts it depicts a man( working for ralf Lauren) who looks in just as bad shape as this man. But if you look closely see how haphazardly well put together his jacket is. And also I agree with @bocphoto, this picture brings out so much of New York just in one "homeless" man.
  • stepha2a@kristopherwhitman @twildnyc from all times photographers took pictures of poverty.
  • leanna.janeI feel uncomfortable looking at this photo... most people photographed by the sartorialist appear to be interacting with the photographer but this image feels different. Looks like he is unaware of the photo being taken and his misfortune is being transformed into 'art'. No judgement on the photographer or the subject but for me an uncomfortable photo to look at.
  • This is a stunning image. I would love to say the subject/matter/setting/story of this is irrelevant, but without ANY one of those elements, this situation would not exist. I can only assume, from a journalistic perspective, you've been conflicted in a moment to "better a situation" (monetarily/morally/ethically/etc); I think you did all that you could: you made others see beauty in something/(one?) that they might possibly overlook. Thank you for reminding me that there is wonder in every moment, as long as I am vigilant in suspending my preconceived notions.
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