Afternoon in Mirebalais
  • dooceAfternoon in Mirebalais

  • jhilldesignSo beautiful. One of the best days of my life was spent in Jacmel eating fried plantains & swimming with children.
  • whatmyphoneseesHi @dooce Heather, I'm going in a volunteer mission to Jacmel in January. Did you take any anti-malaria meds or other vaccines prior to your trip? Can anyone offer insight? ✌
  • athempelI think you can go to the CDC website and they can tell you what vaccines you will need according to where you are going.
  • whatmyphonesees@athempel thanks! The malaria vaccination is optional. Debating. Have heard about some really negative long term side effects. 😷
  • kaitkett@whatmyphonesees - my family has spent considerable amounts of time in Haiti and Uganda and we never take malaria meds. Using nets and mosquito spray is fine and you don't have the nasty side effects from the meds. If you're only going for a brief time I truly wouldn't worry about it. I've never been sick and I was eaten alive in Uganda because the nets made sleeping impossible for me.
  • whatmyphoneseesThanks @kchk21
  • sawmom1@whatmyphonesees I'd recommend the meds-never had side effects but did see how sick several from our group got from malaria-- strongly recommend the typhoid shot though.
  • kristenhowertonKembe was born in that town. :)
  • adriannaapplMalaria drugs for sorry term use have almost no side effects and are 100% worth it. I have an uncle with malaria and trust me it's not worth it. I won't argue re: long term malaria drugs, that's another issue completely.
  • adriannaappl*short* term
  • rebmnmnyIf you take the malaria drugs don't forget the Monistat!! SERIOUSLY!!! You do not want to be in a third world country trying to treat a yeast infection. Malaria drugs aren't worth it. Team bug spray.
  • lindsaybriggs@whatmyphonesees I have worked in Sub-Saharan Africa for the past 7 years from periods ranging from 3 weeks at a time to 4 months. I've had malaria. It's the absolute worst. You couldn't pay me to risk it again. I have taken both Malarone (daily) and doxycycline (daily) and have never had any side effects. I've taken medical volunteers and students as well and they have used both of the above as well as Larium (weekly). Many students have reported psychedelic dreams on Larium, but otherwise nothing else major. I also second the comment about yeast infection treatment (although I take Diflucan rather than mess with creams in an already hot and sticky environment). Anyway, I advise my students and volunteers to take an anti-malarial always. It's not worth the risk in my opinion.
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