Apparently this is the book to read. @a_vanengelen put me on to this.
  • joshkalisApparently this is the book to read. @a_vanengelen put me on to this.

  • mrdustinfinleyYea dude! That's what no one told me. It never really gets easier until about the year mark. You just find ways to cope with the habit/addiction. I'm 1 year 5 months without any kind of nicotine/tobacco after a 13 year pack a day habit. The coolest part so far(unless you count breathing better) is tastes and smells. Shit becomes intense to the point that I quit drinking soda because it had too much flavor. Haha. Good luck man and keep us posted!
  • tsavvv#coldturkey !!!!
  • fre_o@hansklassik
  • danecolesU got this homie. Lots of us quit smoking. Just think of every past attempt at quitting like a bitch run on a big trick. Now that u have felt it out and sized it up, time to commit.
  • funkyaidanI just quit 10 days ago after reading the last page. Will never smoke again in my life
  • funkyaidan@christopherjohnlambe you obviously haven't read the book mate.
  • sheltoe76Fuck those little monsters. Read that shit.
  • robsgotitRead it. Quit for six month. The book definitely helps though
  • ave@dgkalis 👍two years six months.. It's easy.. Just don't smoke.
  • beatweaker@dgkalis cold Turkey is the easiest way.
  • kosche911Another easy Way is to go to a Sauna 2-3 days in a row, You will swet out all the nicotine in your Body and its much easier to quit!
  • es_sk8r_gurlEventually you will end up with lung throat or mouth cancer!! Or worse than that COPD and you will DIE FROM THAT DISEASE EVENTUALLY CUZ IT PROGRESSES!! Take up a hobby or eat a candy instead of smokin a cig!!
  • jan_michael_vincentsRead it.. Just a tip for you tho. If you read it in it's entirety in one sitting you will quit. However it's easy to start again. This is why you have to read it a few times. A friend read it over 20 times already. Good luck bro
  • jerome150Got this as well now. Cheers for the tip!
  • tom_deeThat book looks so American
  • magalengoFree tip, don't buy them.
  • ricky_nunnHell yea sounds like a plan!! Thanks @dgkalis hope all is well homie good seeing you in Minneapolis stay up G
  • miniramp.plit really works!!! two years without this shit
  • pamzam@carlsanclem
  • d1lyh4n4i think ot only works on lesbians
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