My baby speaking at the Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • kimkardashianMy baby speaking at the Harvard Graduate School of Design

  • yankee_ma718Uh... He dropped out of college u morons.... Smh
  • nightmancometh89Haha. The comment above. Umm we know this because of his first album... College dropout. It's in the title!
  • camwhite33So what if he dropped out @yankee_ma718 @bereal789 @nightmancometh89 he's still more successful then you'll ever be and last time I checked I didn't see any of you speaking at Harvard graduate school of design
  • o.n.i.prodigyThis angle was from the stairwell...there was a room he was standing in 😒
  • mustachiobrown@staqbundlez I agree with what you said but Try rewriting that in English please....
  • mustachiobrown@staqbundlez Ha, Neanderthal huh? I hold two masters degrees and a Doctoral degree....Ha, have fun getting high and flipping burgers or pumping gas. You are the poster child for wisdom and knowledge I am sure, just check out your photos. Keep it up!
  • mustachiobrown@staqbundlez A car salesman!?! Haha!! That's just perfect, fitting actually and definitely makes more sense. Trust me, I couldn't give two shits about you. At least you used your spell check and responded in coherent sentences. Proud if you, you are a grown up now! Good work little boy, good job! Hahahaha! 😆
  • moskkkk@mustachiobrown lol
  • _sarah_with_an_h_I hate that people associate rappers with being dumb. It's a form of expression. Maybe kanye needs to learn to hold his tongue sometimes, but part of his reo comes straight from the media. If you don't know him, you haven't the need to call him stupid. Same goes for pretty much all celebrities
  • _sarah_with_an_h_Rep*
  • xshahoodx@mnoura_73 @fjor_90 ذكروني لما نروح الترفيهيه وننطر دور بنفس هالمكان مال قطار الموت 😹😹😹😹 كااااك
  • muneera.alsh@xshahodx kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak ee wallah xD
  • rek42715Wtf this dude didnt even attend harvard y is he talking there he looks ridiculous
  • k.g0insAnd no one is listening
  • emiliaxanna@rk42715 you look ridiculous for hating, for no reason.
  • juliog927Wha he said?
  • kennnediiiiDo youth have a kids collection for ages 10 - 15 ?
  • a.jackkKIM ILY SO MUCH NOTICE ME 😭 @kimkardashian
  • ga6bsIlym
  • lindseylafranceee@michaelalafrance @samanthasargentt omg they were in mass
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