Look at this handsome man. Getting sushi with the parents.
  • kevjumbaLook at this handsome man. Getting sushi with the parents.

  • sandranguuyenPAPA JUMBA!!!! 😊
  • be11uhI support Team Jumba!
  • music_soul_lovePAPA JUMBA :) Kevin if I knew you I swear we would be like best friends. Yes I realize that's weird.
  • johnnycarbone@verz96
  • kakezoma@kevjumba where's MAMA JUMBA?!?!?!
  • s.david.mTEAM JUMBA!!! I like it
  • nomi.estradaKevin ur dad is AWESOME
  • gigliapenatI love your dad! Really!
  • helenshwaniYour dad is amazing 😄 so are you though!
  • corrinecrazycowI love your dad. You need to tell him I said that. He needs to know!
  • isabellaaahmedI love him <3 he is amazing!!!
  • they_call_me_hamsYou have an awesome dad!!!!
  • kellyisapony@kevjumba @kevjumba @kevjumba ASIAN PRIDE<3 
  • chloeachoiOmg this joke was hilarious!!!!
  • theonlyexeption:D so sweet
  • andie.gcKevin, I just wanted to say that you are AWESOME! I crack up every time I watch your videos, and it's really cool that you were on The Amazing Race, because it's my all time favorite show.... Love ya! 😂😝😘
  • jeronatlas01PAPA JUMBA
  • sokumchim@pepsywalker
  • yyyyyyyliHey, Kevin. I've thought about whether to leave a comment to you or not for a while since you probably won't read it. But I decided to Do so because I want you to know that I support you eternally. I'm shame to say I just got to know you a few months earlier in India. (Because YouTube was banned in mainland china =.= and YouTube is the only online streaming website that Indian crappy internet can support). Anyways, I came across to one of your video series "My dad is Asian" on YouTube because your dad looks exactly the same as My Internationalization Professor who is also Taiwanese. I love your comedy because I feel connected to it. Then I started to watch all of your videos on kevjumba, jumbafund, isatv, Yomyomf etc. as well as the movies. You once said you basically were in love with your YouTube fans. I can't agree more! I really cherish the relationship we have with you although I became your fan after you distanced yourself from the social world. There are lots of rumors about what happened to you. No matter what happened, I just wish you and your family all the best. #proudofkevjumba
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