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  • it_just_is#mercedes #e55 #clk #clk430 #clk_drivers #bmw #335i

  • just430Good wheels, original?
  • it_just_is@just430 thank you! they are replicas but they work for me!
  • just430Got it, thanks
  • princecannonWhat size? I like em I might need to find some lol
  • it_just_is19s with H&R sport cup kit drop. Unfortunately the company that made these stopped offering them for some reason.
  • it_just_is@princecannon, these are the closest ones I can find. Unfortunately, they're also twice the price...http://www.bekkers.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=mbcl63mb8gm&Category_Code=mblmstylesport
  • princecannonThis is by far the cleanest clk I have ever seen .... I'm definitely going look into those wheels bro thanks for the info
  • it_just_isThanks man. I've had it a long time and have racked up 185000 miles now. More fun parts coming soon! I'm always happy to help fellow clk enthusiasts so if ya have more questions, ask away.
  • princecannonDefinitely bro I really appreciate that
  • danny332m@tj619oioi
  • darkarts_89@danny332m the wheels :O
  • _zeus723Love the ride I myself live in Miami just got clk 320 love how you did the chrome grill black looks awesome any suggestion on suspension mods
  • it_just_isThanks @damejetson my suspension setup is the H&R sport cup kit. I also have a custom made adjustable camber kit on the rear. Buying the adjustable kmac kit for the front soon I think. These cars eat tires like you wouldn't believe. Even more now that it's lowered and on 19s. As for the headlights, they are one offs. Keep an eye on the clk forums. Every once in a while some custom made stuff pops up for sale.
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