Homeward Bound!!
See u soon Costa Mesa
  • giadadelaurentiisHomeward Bound!!
    See u soon Costa Mesa

  • datsdat@brianven Costa Mesa
  • brianven@datsdat you going?
  • pdiva16I'm waiting. 30 more minutes!!!!!
  • outathymeWe are waiting! 😘
  • mlavianMy sister and I are outside in line waiting to meet you :)
  • chloe__wood16It was so nice meeting you- you are so nice and a great role model I love the comment you made about my nails!!
  • footballmommThe GIOIELLO Family are outside waiting to meet you!!❤️
  • sony47Lol! Todd looks funny with Jades doll hanging off his backpack! Cute pic
  • concertchick1She got Saige! So cute!!
  • juleswickThanks for the photo opportunity outside of south coast plaza today!!! I was the girl with the Black glitter lips ❤️❤️ thanks for stopping and totally making my day! It's so nice meeting such a big celebrity and finding out they are so humble and down to earth!!! Thanks again!! #macgirls #glitterlips #foodnetworkfan!!
  • _glamorousglue_love the pic of todd with the doll!
  • art4kellyI agree @diygou what a great dad.
  • footballmommThe GIOIELLO Family is giving MAMA MARIA (from Naples) your signed book for Christmas! She lives in Vegas & is anxiously waiting the opening of your new restaurant! Thank you for being so gracious to my 2 kids❤️ @chachaa16 @jello29
  • footballmomm#giadafeelgoodfood
  • ellenmarinoAwww Jade is playing candy crush! I'm so hooked on that game too lol!! She's so adorable.
  • pd55lawsonGood Daddy!
  • maddywebb7894Candy crush is addictive
  • _glamorousglue_@maddywebb7894 incredibly true!
  • maddie.guarinHi Giada! I just wanted to say that your my favorite cook ever! I cook your recipes all the time! I love the round and round pasta and your blueberry frozen yogurt ! Your my inspiration when I cook! I I'm madly in love with your show! I watched Giada at Home all summer long!!!! If you respond then my life would be completed! If you don't it's okay cause I know your really busy with everything like Giada at Home and you were just on Thanksgiving Live! (You were great I think you look do good in glasses!) Thanks! Bye!😘💕👋
  • supermafalda2000Love your sunset, they are beautiful.
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