Getting ready for the start of the #Bills game
  • mmoulson26Getting ready for the start of the #Bills game

  • misajonesHappy belated !! Nov1st !! 30 strong @mmoulson26 !! All the best buddy!!
  • dewy1010Keep @reddymon in line @mmoulson26 haha
  • im_not_josie_grossieWe miss you! #Islanders #havefun #goodluck
  • joey_bag_o_dabsstill got love on the island man. best of luck in buff. glad u got teddy nolan and pat la in the org now
  • thomas_bragliaGood luck in buffalo! We miss you back on the island
  • sfarieriLet's go GIANTS!
  • mike3099Still want u back
  • jacksawyer13I was there
  • seangordon30PLEASE READ!Matt I don't know if you get these comments sent to your phone but the islanders need you back, when we traded you I cried i know Vanek is a great player but you are even better and you have unbeliveable chemestry with JT. Please sign with the islanders in the offseason when you are a free agent. You are my favorite player! I now follow the buffalo sabers on NHL gamecenter so I know when you score and get assists! The guys don't play the same without you
  • seangordon30I went to a playoff game last year and I was down in the corner for warm ups and Hamonic was in the corner and you went up and checked him jokingly and then Amac came over and pushed you haha it was so great to see something like that for some reason. We miss you and NEED you back and honestly we will sign people this offseason (hopefully you included) and then we will be a better team and be a real threat! JT is your sons godfather, and you guys are best friends and a great pair! If you don't sign with the islanders, I wish you the best of luck you will still be my favorite player in the NHL :) but I really wish you would come back, when we play buffalo on March 15th I am gonna cry because it will remind me you are gone :( best of luck, LOVE YOU MATT <3
  • nickmanganaro41^^^^stalker @seangordon1313
  • nickmanganaro41^^^^stalker @seangordon1313
  • b.beboutPats*
  • paul_rydzynski24Stalker
  • labrie_eirbal@seangordon1313 no buffalo needs him
  • conorfranzone@seangordon1313 WE LOVE MATTY come back to the island, youre the best and we all feel the same way as this kid #welovemoulson @mmoulson26
  • kkeeley5Sign with tampa @mmoulson26 @tblightning
  • 44hustlers@4clif815
  • raj_manakHey matt can u please follow me! you are one of the best players in the nhl!!
  • jackpetherick13Shut the fuck up @kodyk_5
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